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Zyflamend Remedy for Heartburn REVEALED

Can Zyflamend Help Heartburn Patients?In this ultra modern planet with ultra modern thingamajigs and integrated circuit intelligence, newer disease conditions and still newer disease controls are popping up every day like those eye catching mini ads that pop up on the pc monitor every alternate second (that is, if they are not blocked). However, one may wonder if we are ourselves inventing hitherto unknown disorders every day and creating treats for them?

For example, indigestion has come to be known as heartburn and from heartburn we get chronic heartburn which in turn gets into hiatal hernia. And from hiatal hernia to acid reflux is not a long march. But the process does not end here as from acid reflux we get reflux that ultimately lead us to gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. And from GERD to heartburn - the journey can be pretty mind boggling.

However, the treats or lifestyle changes originally prescribed for the long forgotten indigestion are still true for the big bannered GERD. And surprisingly enough, those prescriptions were chiefly based on natural products like ginger, rosemary, green tea, etc. Probably acting on the same cue, pharmaceutical agents have developed a treat that addresses the basic reaction of the body to any disorder in the form of inflammation while its ingredients are all derived from nature. And it works as fast on knee inflammation as on GERD or any GI tract disorder. Clinically termed Zyflamend, it is available in capsule form for easy intake and is believed to be quite effective in heartburn, the surest symptom of GERD.

Zyflamend as a Part of Heartburn Treatment

The principal ingredients of Zyflamend are derived from natural elements like the ginger that counteracts acidity and promotes growth of healthy tissue, rosemary which maintains full spectrum eicosanoid balance and supports detoxification. Then there is also turmeric that age-old curcumin phytoneutrient complex which also promotes healthy eicosanoid balance (having anti-cancer properties) and green tea which, according to the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has more than 50 phyto nutrients to promote a healthy response.

Besides, Zyflamend contains holy basil (ocium sanctum) which helps detoxification while promoting a healthy inflammation response. There is also oregano, which is a great source of more than 30 phytoneutrient modulators; baikal skull cap, another phyto nutrient complex; hu zhang - the richest known source of resveratrol that can produce 6 glasses of resveratrol-rich wine at each serving and the famous Chinese goldthread and barberry an unique barberry phytoneutrient.

Recent research has indicated that Zyflamed has many curative properties, including its usefulness in patients who suffer from GERD and its various complications.

Researchers are also of the opinion that holistic remedies are more efficient in treating heartburn. This is because, holistic remedies treat the body as a whole and are thus able to identify the many factors that cause the disease. As opposed to this, conventional remedies just treat the symptoms and do not address the real contributing factors.

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