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Can Yoga Help treat GERD?

GERD is a common ailment that affects people all over the world. Decreasing physical activity and increasing stress can be held responsible for GERD. Unfortunately, many of us with our busy lives fail to see how we are ourselves responsible for bringing the curse of GERD in our lives. However, we can get rid of GERD by taking help from Yoga. Yoga is an ancient practice, which originated inIndia many centuries ago. Besides leading to health and general level of fitness, this yoga for GERD, can also improve your overall health and fitness.

Link of Yoga with GERD Control:

GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux disease is a type of disorder in which, the acid containing gastric juices reflux or back up from the stomach to the esophagus. This typically results in heartburn and extremely uncomfortable feeling in the chest and sometimes the stomach. This problem typically occurs at night and mostly after a large meal. GERD, according to some alternative treatment approaches is therefore closely related to our lifestyle. While poor diet and inactivity cannot in themselves lead to GERD, they do their bit in increasing both the intensity of the disorder and the resulting pain. Hence, along with medication, many alternative treatment approaches including holistic approach recommended making some lifestyle changes to deal with this problem. Yoga for GERD will help you do just that. Yoga is not simply an exercise from that gives you flexibility and balance. On the contrary, the physical activity is only a part of Yoga.  Yoga is extremely efficient in helping you control your breathing. This can be achieved with the help of 'pranayam', which involves breathing exercises along with meditation. Both physical activity and the berating exercises recommended by yoga can bring about a miraculous change in your health, enabling you to fight off GERD.

Advantages of Yoga:

There are many advantages of Yoga for GERD. Though it is difficult to list down all the advantages, you cannot down a few important ones that can help you tackle GERD in the best possible way. 

1) Yoga will help you to digest your food in a much better way. If the food is digested efficiently, it will be difficult for GERD to really get hold of you.

2) Yoga is not juts an exercise, but a lifestyle. Hence, you will automatically change for your lifestyle with for the better by improving your diet, sleeping patterns and more. This will in turn help you to avoid the symptoms of acid reflux.

3) Certain asanas and breathing exercises can also help strengthen your gastric system, making it less susceptible to GERD or acid reflux.

4) Yoga will also create a new optimism and will give you encouragement to deal with GERD, thereby hastening its treat.

5) Yoga is completely safe and if done under the guidance of an expert, it can be extremely efficient in toning your body to fight off acid reflux.


Thus, yoga combines science of holistic approach to treat GERD. Though yoga for GERD cannot treat this disorder on its own, it can at least work alongside alternative medication to provide you relief from GERD for life. 

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