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What Is Good For Heartburn: Find All the ANSWERS Here

Read on to know what can provide relief from GERD.

Although it is much simpler to provide a list of what is bad for heartburn, it is rather difficult to pin point as to what is good for the disease. Besides, what actually is good varies from one person to another in terms of what causes the heartburn to become severe. However, a singular fact remains that it has a lot to do with the type of food consumed, how and when it is consumed as well as the person's ability to assimilate that food.

Since heartburn or acid reflux is primarily associated with the Gastroesophageal reflex disease or GERD, a modest research on foods that are likely to be good or safe may prove fruitful. The answer can be found here. Also, investigating into lifestyles can provide a clue to what is good for heartburn.

Can Food Be The Answer?

The answer seems to be in fruits, as they seem to be the safest. But this need not include all the fruits that are available. Bananas and fresh or dried apples are considered to be good for people suffering from chronic heartburn and associated disorders. However, one cannot sustain on bananas only and so to there needs to be a search for other food items such as vegetables that may comprise of cabbage, broccoli and carrots (all boiled with a pinch of salt).

If the search is extended to meaty items, the ones that fill the fare correctly comprise skinless chicken breasts and lean ground beef (as less spicy as possible). As for dairy products, lesser the consumption better will be the prognosis. However, fat-free cream cheese or goat cheese does not aggravate cases of GERD. So, they can also be included in the list of heartburn friendly foods.

Ask the opinion of a doctor as to what is good for heartburn in terms of grains or cereals, the answer invariably will go in favor of multi-grain white bread, corn bread or bran. In fact, all these are the least acid inducing in nature. Ask what he would recommend, and the doctor would say sweets, jelly beans and red licorice as they are the most suitable for people suffering from chronic heartburn.

Here is a list of menus that can be followed.

The Breakfast

Fresh apple

Un-buttered whole grained bread

Poached eggs

The Lunch

Clear soup

Grilled skinless chicken breast

Multi-grain bread with fat-free goat cheese

Boiled broccoli or cabbage without sauce

The Dinner

More or less similar to Lunch menu

Jelly beans as sweet dish

What about conventional medicines? The fact is, they are not very effective. It seems that holistic remedies are better alternatives.

GERD is complicated and the causes are also many such as Candida infections, dietary patterns, lifestyles, and also genetic traits. So it is important to treat the body as whole, and this is what holistic remedies do. This is why holistic remedies are so effective in the treatment of GERD.

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