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What Can Make Acid Reflux Worse:

Certain factors make it even worse for a person suffering from GERD. Read to know here.

To be honest about it, the answer to what can make acid reflux worse is not a brainstormed query. In fact so many things can make it turn bad. As it is, heartburn, the commonest symptom of gastroesophageal reflux (acid) is a fairly tormenting disease and therefore, making it worse tantamount to taking a joy-ride in a sabotaged aircraft. However, knowing what can make acid reflux worse may benefit many, so that further agonies are kept at bay.

GERD patients, till death overtakes them due to old age or any other terminal disease should steer clear of tomatoes. Yes, that luscious tomato-red, all-purpose vegetable whose acidic taste never bothered Adam in his Garden of Eden. Of course, it is not known whether he would have preferred tomatoes in place of sinking his teeth in the biblical apple had this fruit-like vegetable ever grew in the biblical orchard. However, Adam or no Adam, no tomatoes for breakfast, lunch or dinner (snacks included).

Similar is the case with citrus fruits. No matter how the idiot box girl coaxes one every morning with a tempting glass of orange juice, one should keep his or her eyes shut and go for apple juice instead. Like the futility of carrying the proverbial coal toNew Castle (coalfield in UK) there is no point in pouring an acidic concoction into an already acidic stomach. The result, no doubt, would prompt a bonfire near the heart in the middle of the night.

Next in line of what can make acid reflux worse are the mouth-watering, inch-thick fat layered pork chops whose sizzling aroma attracts people like bees to a box of honey. But for GERD group heads these are absolute poison. An acidic stomach (all gastroesophageal reflux fellows have it) will open its acid flood gates as soon as it senses the fatty food landing on its surface. And the photo finish run will invariably send a part of that venom right up to the palate, via the irritated esophagus. Another sleepless night with a fire raging within the rib cage!

Cocktails are fine, especially among a bevy of scantily clad beauties. But keeping count of the sundowners are as critical as keeping emotionally away from the sirens. Consumption of alcohol in more than usually large quantities also urges the stomach acid to flow more copiously, causing acid reflux and heartburn.

Similar is the case with coffee, both regular and decaffeinated or other beverages that contain caffeine, all of which are apparently innocent but highly acid provoking drinks that create heartburn. Another strange inclusion in the list of what can make heartburn worse is the carbonated drinks. Though at first, the alkaline nature of these drink do neutralize a part of the acidity, it is soon lost in a flood of acid that the stomach produces (as if in retaliation). Chocolates, peppermints, onions also take the same route - hitting the highway to heartburn!

So keep the above in mind, and the disease will at least be in the check. But that by no means ensures that the symptoms will go away. For that to happen you need to go in for a comprehensive treatment and this is best achieved by holistic remedies. Unlike conventional medicines (that just treat the symptoms), holistic remedies go deep into the body (treating it as a whole) and try to locate all the contributing factors of the disease, and when this is done, all of them are taken on. This approach eradicates the problem from the inside, rather than just trying to get rid of the symptoms.

Holistic remedies have been extremely successful in solving acid reflux and heartburn problems.

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