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Treating Acid Reflux By Changing Bed Position: Can it WORK for You?

This article discusses how the right bed position can provide relief to Acid Reflux victims.

Gastro esophageal reflux disease is the cause of night time sorrow and loss of sleep in many people - and the number seems to be on the rise. Various acid inhibiting medications and change of lifestyle hardly make any difference to chronic GERD patients who go through painfully sleepless nights, praying for anything that could alleviate the rigors of GERD.

The lower esophageal sphincter or the LES which malfunctions, thus leaking acidic stomach contents up through the esophagus right up to the mouth, however does not create much problem all through the day. In fact, the gravity helps a lot in keeping the stuff within the small intestine as long as the torso remains in a vertical position. But sleeping in an otherwise comfortable bed at night brings in all the hazards of GERD.

In a horizontal position, the gravity cannot stop the acid from flowing freely back into the esophagus through the leaking LES, thus creating heartburn and associated discomfort. To counteract this issue, doctors often suggest sleeping in an upright position. But not everyone is as vigorous as a race horse that can sleep, standing royal regal in the stable all through the night.

As necessity is the mother of all inventions, people have experimented and found that keeping only the upper torso slightly raised from the rest of the body solves the problem to a great extent. As a matter of fact, this maneuver makes the acidic stomach content to halt at the base of the esophagus, just as it should. But the question remains, as to how much to raise and the mechanism of adopting it in a conventional bedstead.

The trial initially started with the standard three-part hospital bed, each end of which could be raised by cranking a lifting mechanism like the automobile lifting jack, used for changing tires. Inconvenience along with technical hassles soon made people discard the project when researchers came up with specially inclined GERD beds for the benefit of gastro esophageal reflux disease patients. Equipped with innumerable comfort positions along with heat and massage options, these beds can help support a lifetime of good health and restful sleep by way of treating acid reflux bed position.

While pillows are vital sleeping accessories in any sleep inducing bed, their association with any disease is equally significant. Another invention in the form of acid reflux pillow can provide a GERD patient with the optimum angle, best suited to acid reflux and thus begin the end of his or her sorrows. Besides, sleeping with acid reflux pillows is good for the back, apart from its soothing effect on the GERD. Besides, the acid reflux pillow does not interfere with the partner's sleep style since it raises only the GERD patient's head.

In reality, treating acid reflux bed position can only provide a temporary relief. For a long term solution, the person has to opt for holistic remedies, as they have been proved to be more effective. Holistic remedies are so effective because they treat the body as a whole. GERD causes are many and they can be complicated. So just treating the symptoms will not work - what is needed is a more detailed approach where all the possible sources need to be investigated.

What is needed is a complete treatment, which is what holistic treatments do - and this is why they are so successful.

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