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Having Sleep Problems Caused by GERD? Here's the Solution

GERD is notoriously famous for leading to forced insomnia among people suffering from this irritating disorder. This is because; GERD can seriously disturb your biological clock, specially your sleeping patterns. However, by taking some simple precautions and with the help of a few tips, you can easily cope up with the sleep problems caused by GERD.

GERD and Forced Insomnia:

GERD or gastroespahgus reflux disorder causes the gastric juices to reflux to esophagus from the stomach. This causes symptoms like heartburn, headaches, vomiting and many others, depending upon the individual case. GERD symptoms are most prevalent at night and usually resurface after a big dinner. Therefore a person may find it very difficult if not impossible to get much needed sleep at night. There are many reasons why GERD symptoms affect the person at night. A few of them are as follows:

1) At night, when one is sleeping, the mouth produces very little saliva. Hence, the natural bicarbonate produced by the saliva is extremely less as compared to daytime. This bicarbonate is responsible for neutralizing the acid. When you don't get enough of bicarbonate, the process of acid reflux intensifies.

2) During daytime, the person is assisted by gravity, as he is in an upright position. Therefore, it is more difficult for the acid to reflux up to the esophagus. At night, when you are in a reclining position, the gravity effect is minimum. Hence, it is easier for the gastric juices to flow back to the esophagus intensifying the symptoms.

3) Many people, specially the ones who work outside home have the habit of taking large meals. It is very difficult to digest a large meal specially right before your sleeping time. This can also trigger GERD symptoms.

4) Wrong sleeping position can also intensify the symptoms of GERD. It is therefore recommended that if you experience the GERD symptoms at night, you should position your head and chest higher than the abdomen to avoid additional pain and discomfort.

Tips and Tricks to Rectify Sleep Problems:

Though it is not possible to solve all types of sleep problems caused by GERD, you can make use of some simple tips and tricks to deal with them. If you suffer from GERD, it is extremely essential that you make some lifestyle changes. You can for example have regular meal times throughout the day. Avoid having a heavy meal at night and instead opt for light food. Avoid drinking alcohol. Instead, drink one or two glasses of cold water. You can also buy a good quality electric adjustable bed, which can assist you in sleep, by providing you good sleeping position. Regular exercise and meditation can also help you get much needed sleep by reducing the symptoms of GERD.

Conventional medicine unfortunately cannot really assist you to get rid of sleep problems caused by GERD. Hence, you can consider alternate medicine therapies including the holistic approach to help you deal with this problem. Holistic approach can also help you get rid of GERD, which is the ultimate solution for sleep deprivation caused by this disorder.

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