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Signs of Acid Reflux that You Should Be Aware Of

Read on to know the various acid reflux signs and also find out the remedies.

Persistent chest pain and heartburn are two of the most common signs of acid reflux. While the heartburn, though distressing, is relatively easier to tackle, chest pain requires thorough investigation and proper diagnosis as it may lead to near fatality. Often there is a mistake in judgment when people take the signs of acid reflux to be heart problems. Doctors often perform a quick electro cardiogram to eliminate heart problems from the usual GERD complications.

Acid reflux signs and heartburn

Since heartburn and acid reflux are linked together, the subject may be researched in detail. When part of the acidic stomach contents accidentally reaches the upper esophagus (the food tube) through the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), it irritates the esophageal wall, and this is when the person experiences a burning sensation immediately behind the breastbone where the upper esophagus happens to lie. These are the signs of acid reflux or heartburn.

At times it could be as severe as a raging fire. The burning sensation often moves up, reaching the throat and the gullet, turning them aflame. Even then, the sour taste in the mouth remains for quite a while and the patient eventually vomits out some acidic fluid which gives further relief. Yes, they can cause a lot of problems.

There can also be a perpetual sore throat that refuses to go even after the usual gurgle with hot water. But acid reflux signs cannot go unless some common salt has been added to this. In some cases, when the acid affects the vocal chord, there is hoarseness, persistent dry and unproductive cough with wheezing and symptoms of asthma. These are some other signs of the disease.

Continual regurgitation is also one of the commonest acid reflux signs. This mostly happens when part of the acidic stomach contents shoot up into the gullet, reaching the mouth after breaking the barrier that is formed by a weakened lower esophageal sphincter. These signs of acid reflux include a bitter taste in the mouth as well as a burning sensation in the throat that lasts throughout the day.

Difficulty in swallowing is other acid reflux signs that are experienced by chronic GERD patients. Clinically called Dysphagia, the sufferer feels that some foodstuff is 'stuck' somewhere in the food pipe. Such signs can indeed be very distressing.

Breathing problems can also be symptoms of the condition. This can happen when material from the esophagus get sucked into the lungs, giving rise to violent bouts of cough along with pneumonia and wheezing.

Conventional drugs are not really very effective for acid reflux. On the other hand, there are many who prefer holistic remedies because they seem to give better results to treat the disease. Holistic treatments are really effective because they treat the body as a whole. What actually causes GERD is a complicated issue and there are many contributing factors such as Candida infections, dietary patterns, lifestyles and even genetic traits. So treating the body as a whole is important, which is what holistic treatments do.

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