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Severe Heartburn is a WARNING Sign

Read onto know more on why this happens and how to get quick relief

People often suffer from heartburn. Actually statistics indicate that most people suffer from occasional heartburn in their life. But the good news is that, most heartburn cases go away on its own or requires little medication at the most. But in some cases, such heartburn can cause a lot of problems - it can be both agonizing and dreadful. It indicates the onset of a disease that is medically known as gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. The bad news is, such severe heartburn cases may be difficult to treat with conventional medication.

What causes the problem?

Though GERD may be linked to various genetic factors, it usually occurs when the one-way valve (sphincter) situated at the end of the esophagus (the tube through which food passes to the stomach) gets weak or becomes unstable, thereby allowing part of the stomach content along with the stomach acids to flow back into the esophagus. The result obviously is heartburn due to ulceration of the esophagus from the backflow of the acidic stomach contents. Chronic heartburn due to the ulcerous esophagus may lead to a per-cancerous condition that is clinically termed Barrett's Esophagus, requiring immediate medical attention.

Associated discomforts of heartburn

When the backward flow of acid reaches the upper regions of the esophagus, it also causes hoarseness, dry coughs and wheezing. This is sometimes wrongly diagnosed as asthma and thus further complicating the condition.

Who is more prone to experience such heartburn?

People who suffer from certain medical conditions are prone to suffer from severe heartburn. These include several autoimmune diseases like Raynaud Phenomenon, CREST syndrome and sceloderma as well as from hiatal hernia and diabetes. Also affected by heartburn are those who do not maintain regular mealtimes and indulge in too much of fast food.

Heartburn treat

Since most of the prescribed medications addressed at relieving heartburn are only short-term treats having long-term side effects, they create more harm than good. Yes this is what happens with conventional medicines that try to address the symptoms of heartburn, rather than find the root causes of this.

Modern research have proved that a regulated diet, healthy lifestyle and a holistic approach by way of taking supplements of specific herbs and vitamins can bring about permanent relief to GERD related severe heartburn. Those who suffer from the condition should also keep away from foods that are high in fat content, drinks that are high in caffeine, restrict the intake of alcohol, eat less chocolate, avoid mint or mint-based tea or sherbet, and eat less of those foods that are high in acid like tomato and orange, spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

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