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SAFE foods for Heartburn Control

'We are what we eat', this quotation may hold true especially when you are dealing with disorders like heartburn, the most common symptom of acid reflux disease. Acid reflux is also related directly to some types of food, which are suspected of triggering the symptoms of acid reflux, including heartburn. This leaves a common man in lurch as he in unable to figure out what to eat and what to avoid, when dealing with acid reflux. However, there are some types of safe foods for heartburn control, which can be included in your diet to control the intensity of this uncomfortable disorder

Which food is really safe?

When having a diet plan for acid reflux, you should pay attention to your own lifestyle and health. It is quiet possible that the food, which suits many people suffering from acid reflux, may not necessarily suit you and vice a versa. However, many health practitioners have found some types of food to be generally safe around acid reflux. Usually, fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended for acid reflux. Expect a few citric fruits, almost all other types of fruits can be used to form your diet. Green leafy vegetables, some forms of beans, cereals and pulses are also considered to be safe around acid reflux. Safe foods for heartburn are also determined on the basis of the ingredients that are used in the food preparation.  Even the healthiest form of raw food can turn nasty, if you don't pay attention to the other ingredients that you use, when cooking your so called gourmet recipes.

Food preparation:

It is recommended that people suffering from acid reflux, should go for home cooked food rather than popular take out options. This is because; even a healthy take- out -lunch can be prepared by using poor quality ingredients, with little or no consideration to the nutrition value of the recipe. Hence, you really cannot control what goes in the recipe. On the other hand, home cooked meals are completely under your control. You can then limit the use of food items like type of oil, butter, sugar, salt, spices and more. When preparing your food, you can also take advantage of your own diet plan by following all the guidelines to perfection. Hence, home made food can be safe food for heartburn.   Simple well-cooked food is enough to help you keep in check the symptoms of acid reflux. It is essential that you avoid extremely spicy food if you are battling with acid reflux. However, some forms of spices like turmeric are safe to use when cooking. As far as possible, you should avoid foods that contain baking soda, tomato ketchups and some forms of bakery items. Instead of white flour, you can go for wheat flour to control acid reflux. You can also get an idea of the other forms of safe foods for heartburn by taking help from alternative medicine approach.

Alternative medicine advocates different types of food to not only control acid reflux, but also help treat it. You can get a complete idea of the safe foods for heartburn by contacting your alternative medicine practitioner for more information in this regard.  

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