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Nissen Fundoplication Surgical Procedure for GERD

Read this article for more information on Nissen Fundoplication Surgical procedure for GERD.

In Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, part of the acidic stomach contents often reflux or back flows into the esophagus, causing a moderate to severe burning sensation near the sternum or the breastbone, which is commonly termed 'heartburn'. To alleviate this distressing disease, several methods are applied that include (a) Lifestyle change which involves elimination of all acidic fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and oranges or other citrus fruits as well as spicy or deep fried food from the menu of the affected person; (b) use of apple cider vinegar as a remedial measure; (c) use of acid inhibiting drugs, etc.

The underlying cause of the problem lies with the weak or faulty lower esophageal sphincter (LES) that inappropriately leaks the acidic material into the esophagus, giving rise to heartburn and related discomfort. Often a hiatus hernia in the diaphragm is also a part of the scenario.

However, in certain cases where all the above measures do not or can not give the desired result, surgery comes into help in the form of Nissen Fundoplication Surgical procedure which indeed is very effective in providing the much needed relief. Since this particular form of surgery was first introduced by Dr. Rudolph Nissen in 1951, Nissen Fundoplication has customarily been performed as an open surgery procedure involving an incision of 6" to 8: inches long for providing relief to people suffering from GERD. However, this has lately been replaced by laparoscopic method which involves much lesser pain and blood loss for the patient.

Nevertheless, the procedure involved in Nissen Fundoplication is the same whether it is accomplished customarily or using laparoscopy that consists of strengthening the lower esophageal sphincter by wrapping the upper portion of the stomach (clinically known as 'fundus') with the lower portion of the esophagus. Hiatus hernia is also simultaneously repaired by the attending surgeon.

Patients undergoing this surgical procedure benefit from a host of advanced medical facilities like three-dimensional imaging, latest state-of-the art ultrasound equipment and internal laparoscopic suturing devices. And on top of all that is a team of leading laparoscopic surgeons thoroughly conversant with current laparoscopic surgery technology.

As compared to the earlier days when pain and recovery were of much concern, today Nissen Fundoplication performed using laparoscopy requires small incisions while the laparoscope, a minute telescopic video-camera sends detailed images of the affected anatomy back on to the video monitor for better understanding of the problem. Images can be magnified to desired dimension before taking the appropriate action.

Unfortunately, there are several potential complications to fundoplication, among them are nausea, abdominal cramping, gas bloat syndrome, swallowing problems and much more. Another significant downside of the surgical approach to GERD treatment (that addresses the local immediate causes) is that it fails to either recognize or properly tackle several crucial internal factors and co-factors that create the so called environment that causes acid reflux. 

However the fact is, Nissen Fundoplication Surgical procedure is not needed in most cases. In fact, it is the final thing that one should do, after all other treatment options have failed. So before opting for this, you should always try out holistic remedies as they reportedly give much better results than conventional drugs.

Holistic remedies treat the body as a whole, and this is always a better approach to treat GERD, because the causes of the disease are many, and it is complicated too, and so all the probable contributing factors need to investigated thoroughly. This can be done using holistic remedies because it treats the body as a whole. Conventional medications on the other hand in many cases just treat the symptoms of the illness, and so the disease may come back from another underlying contributing factor.


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