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Managing GERD:
the RIGHT Way

Managing GERD

Managing GERD is both a complicated and necessary endeavor to control and eliminate problems like heartburn in patients. GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux disease causes the stomach to back up its liquid content to the esophagus. Therefore, patients experience distress typically after a meal.


Though there are many ways in which you can treat this disease, the best option is to always manage GERD with a combination of dietary changes, lifestyle changes and medical treatment. Many people immediately resort to over-the-counter pills to relieve heartburn. However, the relief is short lived, as GERD simply waits in the corner till the effects of the medicines wear off, before attacking again. Hence, it is advisable that you attack the root cause of GERD by changing a few of your habits and brining about a change in your lifestyle.

GERD and diet :

Diet plays an important role in managing GERD. It is recommended that you avoid food that triggers the symptoms of GERD. Usually, fatty food is the main culprit. You should avoid fast food, bakery products and other high calorie tit bits that are rich in oil, butter and sugar. If you are suffering from GERD, spicy food should be avoided at all costs. Instead, you should prefer high fiber food, including fruits and vegetables. Non-vegetarian food, especially red meat should also be avoided or its intake should be limited. You should also try and drink plenty of water throughout the day, as water helps in flushing out toxins. Though this is the basic idea of diet to manage GERD, you should consult an expert to chalk out a diet for you on the basis of your current health status. Diet should always be based on the individual and not on the basis of generalized assumptions. 

GERD and lifestyle :

If you are suffering from intense symptoms of GERD, you should pay close attention to your lifestyle. Sometimes, excessive work, lack of sleep and lack of physical activity can aggravate your problem. Uneven working hours also can lead to increased distress as your biological clock can be disturbed leading to acidity and heartburn. Smoking and excessive drinking late in the night can also alleviate the symptoms. Hence, you should try and manage your working hours properly. Get at least six to eight hours of sleep daily and exercise regularly. You will immediately find fewer reasons to stay at home and take sick leave because of GERD, if you follow these simple steps.

GERD and treatment options :

There are many ways of treating the symptoms and managing GERD, but only one way to treat it. You can treat GERD, by opting for safe and efficient holistic treatment. With holistic treatment you can avoid surgery, expensive pills and therapies and much discomfort. Holistic treatment is aimed at not only curing GERD temporarily, but to eliminate the root cause of the disease itself.  Holistic treatment will also help you to manage GERD more efficiently. The practitioner can help you with your diet and can even enable you to make those critical lifestyle changes can help you in managing GERD and treating this complicated disorder in as simple and as efficient a way as possible.

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