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Honey: Can it treat Acid Reflux?

Read on to know whether honey can after all treat acid reflux or not.

There seems to be an underlying sense of urgency in the query. And for people suffering from GERD that sense of urgency is quite understandable. Only those who have suffered the agonies of a severe heartburn in the middle of the night or have gone through the bouts of intense chest pain that almost resembles a congestive heart attack can appreciate how finicky a person can become desperate to ask all and sundry a simple question - is honey a treat for acid reflex?

So - is honey a treat after all?

Well, the answer is both yes and no! Yes for people who have benefited from using honey as a treat for acid reflux and no for those who hasn't. However, it may be sensible to get into the root of the matter to come to a reasonable conclusion whether honey is at all a treat or not.

Acid reflux is caused partly due to the working of the faulty lower esophageal sphincter (LES) that allows the acidic stomach contents to get into the esophagus, thereby causing heartburn and related discomfort. It is also caused partly due to the excessive secretion of acid in the stomach to assimilate the food contents that are deposited there through the esophagus. Now, to treat this disorder, two things are to be done simultaneously.

(1) Revitalize the LES so that it can firmly hold the stomach contents till the stomach finishes its duty

(2) Reduce the acidity level so that even in the case of any leakage through the LES, the stomach content would be less acidic in nature.

Is honey a treat for acid reflux may be truly answered only if honey can perform both the duties at a time. While it has very little or nothing in its properties to restore the vigor to the LES, it can, at best provide a soothing layer over the stomach's protective mucous membrane. Since the esophagus has no such defensive lining, the question of providing a soother on it obviously does not arise. Besides, the honey available in the stores are pasteurized and so must have lost its natural ingredients through warming and other mechanical devices that has robbed its medicinal values. Of course one could avail of natural honey in any of the base-food stores and be able to take on acid reflex.

Several observations reveal that.

(1) Active Manuka Honey fromNew Zealand is believed to have remedial properties to treat peptic ulcers, acid reflux, GERD and related conditions, esophageal ulcer and heartburn by way of putting a soothing layer or coating on their internal surfaces.

(2) Taking a soft mixture of distilled water, honey and romaine lettuce (highly alkaline) will soothe the esophagus and help settle the stomach.

(3) According to some, Licorice, natural honey and aloe vera juice mixed together and taken every morning will soothe the esophagus for the whole day.

But the fact is that, honey can offer only temporary relief. Holistic remedies work best for a long term solution to acid reflux. Such remedies treat the body as a whole which is why it works so well. Acid reflux is a complicated disorder and the contributing factors are many.  So just treating the symptoms will not work - it is important that the body is treated as a whole.

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