Natural Remedies & Treatments For Acid Reflux | Natural Remedy For GERD

How to Live With Acid Reflux:
the RIGHT Way

We are discussing here how to live with acid reflux and what treatment is best for it.

If a serious wrong-doer is asked to choose between a death sentence and a life sentence, the answer probably may lie in the earlier one since the latter is far more perilous and defeating. When a person knows that his or her disease is not fatal but is still incurable, the agonies are immense. In the case of acid reflux or gastroesophageal acid reflux or GER, certain restrictions may help in reducing the symptoms or diminish their frequency to a considerable extent.

Tomatoes are taboo to all those who are suffering from GER since their acidic properties will consistently add to the acidic constitution of the stomach of a GERD patient, giving rise to heartburn and accompanying discomfort. It also goes true with tomato ketchup, sauce, soup and other tomato oriented recipes. Similar is the case with citrus fruits like oranges that also are principally acidic in nature. Orange juice, so favorite among young and old alike are alas, beyond the reach of GERD victims as it sure increases the acidity of the intestines. Anybody can live happily with acid reflux if he or she can keep away from these acidic food and beverages.

It also depends a lot on the person's ability to eliminate food items and beverages that trigger his or her acid reflux. Of course, one needs enormous endurance by going through a process of trial and error to eliminate the items. For example, if one is fond of beer and at the same time suffers from acid reflux, he or she has to keep away from that frothy tankard for a few days and watch the frequency of attack. If it goes away, he or she has to say good bye to beer. If, on the other hand, it persists, then the refreshing drink is not the culprit and may stage a come back.

How to live with acid reflux has a lot to do with the person's lifestyle. If one is in the habit of taking a cat nap immediately after a meal, it has to be stopped or at least the method altered. As acid reflux is mostly caused due to the faulty lower esophageal sphincter or LES leaking acidic stomach contents into the esophagus, lying down with a full stomach will cause the stomach contents to press harder against the LES, prompting it to do so more rapidly. Lounging in an upright chair instead may be far more helpful.

Eating several smaller meals a day instead of having three heavy meals may provide respite as this will reduce gastric pressure which in turn will minimize secretion of the gastric acids. Eating slowly will further ease the situation as by doing so, more saliva gets mixed up with the food reaching down the stomach.

How to live with acid reflux is an easy chapter if a holistic approach to the problem is made with a view to keeping a simple yet efficient lifestyle, maintaining regular meal hours, adequate sleeping hours and some amount of physical exercise to keep the body ship shape. Holistic remedies treat the body as a whole and aim to find out all the causes of the symptoms. Having identified them, the approach is then to solve the problem. Acid reflux is complicated and the causes are also many - and so, this approach is often more successful.

Leading the correct lifestyle is always essential. But just the correct lifestyle will never completely treat the symptoms of the disease. For this, holistic treatment is essential.


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