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How to Get Rid Of Acid Reflux:
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for Acid Reflux

Find out how to get rid of acid reflux here.

For people suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, the only question that haunts them day and night is perhaps how to get rid of acid reflux. This nagging disease that causes severe heartburn at the dead of the night is simply exasperating. And then there is that sudden pain in the chest with death threat from unanticipated heart attack. No wonder how to get rid of acid reflux occupies the major part of their waking hours. And on top of all that depressing thought sits one thing heavily - there is no definite treat for this distressing disorder.

Getting rid of the disease - there is hope still

However, there is nothing to despair for there are ways to fight the condition and the topic is discussed in detail here for the benefit of all who has suffered or are likely to suffer later.

To start with, getting rid of acid reflux is no fairy-tale that needs a key to the fairyland where anti-acid reflux fruits are available aplenty, a single bite of which will solve the problem. It is a scientific narrative that tells in simple language how to solve the acid reflux problems effectively.

First of all, one has to eliminate by trial and error, the type of food that is likely to cause acid reflux, which may differ from one person to another. For example, the innocuous cucumber may cause severe acid reflux in one while cucumber sandwiches could be staple diet to another. In any case, short listing the food items will greatly help reducing, if not getting rid of acid reflux.

Now is the question of food that does not create acid reflux. Here also the same trial and error method may be applied. However, the simple rule of thumb indicates that all citrus fruits, tomatoes, sauces, deep fried food items and spicy foods are prone to produce excessive stomach acid while rice, pasta, macaroni and whole grain bread are more or less safe foods.

The next topic specifies how much to eat and when to eat the safe food that have been so painstakingly selected. Well, the answer is a moderate quantity. A very heavy meal may cause the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) not to close fully, thus allowing the acidic stomach contents to leak into the esophagus. This can lead to heartburn and associated discomfort. Light refreshments are easy on the stomach too. But one thing has to be rigidly followed - the meal time. Russian scientist Pavlov had proved long ago that bile juice secretion starts at pre-appointed hours when food is generally served. So, it is better to have the meals when the bile juice starts secreting, instead of unearthly hours, when the acidic juice has piled up without finishing its job of assimilation.

In many cases, a change in the diet plan becomes necessary. Many instances have proved that a change in everyday diet have greatly reduced the chances of acid reflux in people who had hitherto suffered from it.

Also significant is a small walk after supper. Remember that age old saying- After lunch rest a while - After supper walk a mile. Well, one need not have to walk a mile, but some promenading is good for the food in the stomach to get settled for assimilation.

Holistic medicines are more effective than conventional drugs in helping you get rid acid reflux. Holistic medicines treat the body as a whole, which is important because there are many factors and contributing causes of GERD. So the right treatment is to address them all, which is what holistic remedies do.

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