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Heartburn Triggers that Should Be Avoided at All Costs

Read on to know the various foods and lifestyles that lead to heartburn.

Researchers have been trying to find out what causes heartburn and they are now almost certain that too much of food and drink may be behind this. To make a point they say that those who eat less tend to suffer less from this condition. It seems that people who are better off are more prone to heartburn. In fact, as many as one in every four Americans may suffer from heartburn at night, according to a report published in 2005. In many cases, they are probably unaware of heartburn triggers.

Heartburn can cause a lot of problems, and so no one intends to go through the painful episodes of heartburn every night, sitting bolt upright in bed, groping for medications that provide little relief. However, a little bit of personal research may solve the problems that are caused by these triggers of heartburn.

The triggers change from one person to another

Emphatically, it has to be a personal database of what causes heartburn for each individual. It is more or less like allergy, except that instead of looking for the allergen, the search is for locating the type of food or drink that sets off the trigger of heartburn. For example, a cup of espresso may provide extra ounces of energy in one, while the same concoction may trigger severe heartburn in another. The same is the case with a multitude of other types of food and beverages that may include chocolate, citrus fruits, onion, red wine, cognac and many more.

The personal database of what not to touch is fairly significant for people suffering from GERD where the heartburn is mostly severe, often leading to precancerous condition, known as Barrett's Esophagus. Alternatively, a check on some of the common causes of heartburn may also help to keep away from this agonizing ailment. Eating meals much later in the day or at irregular hours, consuming fatty foods or having extra large meals are considered to be very common causes of heartburn.

However, the best method of identifying heartburn triggers may be achieved either in systematically adding or eliminating each item of food and drink in a notebook and checking the result immediately afterwards. So take a note carefully as to what might be causing heartburn and then try to eliminate them from the menu. The idea is, in the absence of heartburn triggers, the disease will be in check.

After a month's logging of what triggers or does not trigger heartburn, there will be a definite idea as to what exactly is causing the problem.

Heartburn can also be checked with the aid of medication. However in this, conventional medication does not seem to be providing great results. On the other hand, natural or holistic remedies provide better results, and so they may be tried to stop heartburn.

The real causes of GERD are quite complicated really as there are a number of contributing factors like genetic traits, lifestyles, dietary patterns and Candida infections. This is why the body needs to be treated as a whole, which is the approach of holistic remedies. It is because of this that holistic remedies have become so effective in GERD treatment.

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