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Heartburn Remedies That WORK

Are there any remedies that can eliminate heartburn? This question occupies tens of millions of heartburn sufferers worldwide. Since most cases of persistent heartburn are indicate the occurrence of acid reflux disease, effective heartburn remedies must tackle first and foremost the root causes of acid reflux, which are multiple and interrelated and include genetic tendency, lifestyle factors, dietary choices, candida infections etc.  

When a symptom like heartburn keeps on manifesting on a regular basis, the patients after some time starts developing aversion to the conventional drugs based treatment for the illness. In such a scenario, the holistic heartburn remedies can be given a chance, as the holistic treatment is based on induction of life style changes. As a matter of fact, most of the modern illnesses are a by-product of the life style that we have adopted, dominated by synthetic products and turning away from the wonders of nature. It is altogether a different matter that we have to return back to the nature once again when the chemical drugs and processes are not able to provide the expected relief.

Nature is certainly providing the relief. Among the choices that are being selected for treatment of heartburn remedies include wormwood herb Artemisia asiatica. Among the most preferred heartburn remedies is the administration of the pods of garlic in raw form, and it is considered one of the better ways for treatment of heartburn remedies in a natural manner. The selection and preference for garlic as one of the heartburn remedies is from the viewpoint of the properties inherent in the pod of the garlic.

Garlic is endowed with the miraculous ability to optimize bowel flora and kill pathogenic organisms such as Helicobacter pylori. Only garlic has the potential to kill Helicobacter pylori, which cannot be killed even by Hydrochloric acid. Helicobacter is believed to be present in 75% of the cases in the patients who test positive for gastritis. You should however keep it in mind that the garlic you are going to use has to be chewed or crushed with a spoon before swallowing, and it has to be fresh. Among other heartburn remedies whereby it can be treated naturally is included eating a slice or two of a braeburn apple, and it provides the desired relief most of the times. Administration of celery is also considered to be good for heartburn remedies.

Such has been the sense of despondency with the conventional treatment for heartburn remedies, that people have started trying their own medicines to get rid of the heartburn in a holistic manner. One such method in vogue is the usage of cabbage. After cutting some slices off cabbage, cook it for about 7 minutes (timing may vary depending upon the time taken for the cabbage to become chewable) in the quantity of water, which you would like to drink, mix it with some mashed potato and sprinkle some light olive oil .It is delicious in taste and perfect heartburn remedy. You can also nibble raw cabbage, which has vitamin K that treats ulcerations. Cabbage as a matter of fact can be considered to be one of the most veritable tools in natural heartburn remedies.

Keep in mind that while natural heartburn remedies like cabbage and garlic can help you to achieve noticeable relief of heartburn, they are not effective as a means of comprehensive treatment of acid reflux disease. In order to treat heartburn permanently and prevent its recurrence, the acid reflux root causes should be addressed. Since acid reflux is a complex, multifactoral medical condition, adhering to an all-natural holistic approach is the only way to treat it comprehensively and lastingly.  

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