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Heartburn Medicine Shortcomings REVEALED

Before finding heartburn medicine, it would be pertinent to find out the reasons that cause heartburn. Clinically heartburn occurs when the lower esophagus sphincter muscle gets damaged or functions in an inappropriate manner. The sensation of burn that is experienced is on account of the inability of the esophageal coating to withstand the acidic levels in the stomach in mounting proportions. Diagnosis of heartburn is necessary as it can manifest as regurgitation, attacks of asthma, chest pain, hoarseness and dry coughing etc. It can also lead to cancer of esophagus; therefore, it needs to be treated in a timely and effective manner. Treatment can either be through medicines or surgery or holistic way.

Conventionally heartburn medicine is including antacids, H2 blockers and PPIs. Antacids can either be taken in the form of tablets or can also be administered as a liquid solution. In either forms it should be taken at least 30-60 minutes before you intend to have food. The pills need to be chewed properly so that the inherent compounds of the pills are set in motion and they are able to activate the curing properties imbedded in them. H2 blockers, and PPIs concentrate on diminishing the symptoms of GERD by balancing out or diminishing the production of stomach acid.

There are several medications that can be taken that include the ability to diminish acid reflux ache and remove the chance of the stomach acid refluxing into the esophagus by strengthening the LES muscle. You should however be aware about the fact that these drugs are not immune to side effects, and they can have some debilitating effect. Therefore, do consult your doctor, before you try out these heartburn medicines to treat your ailment. The need to consult your physician is imperative, as some of the medicines have the ability to block the calcium intake inside the body and included in these categories are medicines like Procardia, Cardizem, Calan, and Isoptin.

Heartburn can also be treated through Endoscopic Surgery. The surgical treatment is performed by a laparoscopic method where the operation is completed through tiny openings in the belly button and upper abdomen. However, as it is intrusive, it can cause complications of health. The complications of health arise as it only addresses the physical aspect of the heartburn (a weak sphincter), and not makes effort to catch hold of the causative agents.

The best option is to treat it in a holistic manner as it is the most efficient and effective, and can combat the internal malfunction in a holistic way, eliminating the symptoms and revitalizing the natural internal equilibrium of your body. The holistic approach to heartburn medicine is aimed at tackling the root causes of your medical condition and restoring your inner balance.

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