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PROVEN and Healthy Diet for GERD

In this article we are trying to find out what a healthy diet for GERD is

Though a healthy diet for GERD will vary from one person to another, depending on each individual's trigger, it may be guided by some basic principles that will not cause acid reflux in any form whatsoever.

For example, the healthy breakfast food for gastroesophageal reflux patients may differ from the usual one that consist of a glass of orange juice, a few slices of toasted white bread with butter, fried eggs and or sausages and ending with a cup of strong black coffee. The morning diet for GRED may have aloe vera juice (1/4 cup 10 minutes before breakfast) and a bowl of healthy toasted Oatmeal, fortified with minerals. The recipe for this healthy breakfast food includes cup quick oats, cup water, cup 2% milk, 1 tsp light brown sugar and 1 tsp light spread.

Placing a medium sized stainless steel skillet over medium-high heat, the oatmeal may be cooked for about 5 minutes till it resembles the color of toast. Removing the pan from heat, the water has to be added and as it starts boiling, the milk goes into it. As the cooking comes to a draw, the light spread is added along with the salt and sugar. Yes, a healthy diet for GERD need not be a very troublesome affair.

The above breakfast plan only indicates the type of food that is meant for a healthy diet for GERD - however it need not necessarily mean that anything else is harmful. In fact, the GERD diet is a part of a comprehensive treatment plan that includes (a) medication, (b) lifestyle changes and (c) dietary variations. Eating less as well as consuming foods that are usually good for people affected by GERD is a good idea.

While providing a healthy diet for GERD, it should be borne in mind that the preliminary task of identifying food items that trigger is of paramount significance. But this again is an extremely tiresome and frustrating exercise. It involves the age old system of trial and error where each item of food has to be carefully eliminated first. At least a week has to go before its effect can be verified. If the symptoms do not recur, it is a trigger and the item need to be deleted from the diet plan. If one the other hand, the symptoms persists, it is not an offender and so stays back in the list and you need to experiment with another food item.

No matter what triggers or not, tomatoes along with all its derivatives like sauce, ketch ups, soup; all citrus fruits and fruit juices including orange juice, deep fried food items including fried chicken and spicy decorative foods are taboo. Also significant is the approach while planning the diet which should be holistic. Also remember never to include fast foods in a healthy diet for GERD.

Yes a healthy diet for GERD will help - but can it treat the disease? The answer is "No". At best a healthy diet for GERD will reduce the symptoms and keep them under check, but for a permanent remedy, you need to turn to holistic remedies. An ever increasing number of people are now agreeing to the fact that, holistic remedies are indeed best for people who suffer from GERD and heartburn. GERD is a complicated matter and the causes of the disease are many. And since holistic remedies treat the body as a whole, it is most effective in providing quick relief.

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