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Ginger and Cinnamon for Heartburn:
Can it Relieve Heartburn Pain?

Ginger, Cinnamon and Heartburn Connection:

Fast food, fast life, rat race, feasting on the failures of colleagues, choking on their success and many more such malevolent modes of leading a super stressful life is turning more and more people all over the world into victims of heartburn, a burning issue among gastroesophageal reflux disease or simply GERD patients. The worst part of the whole story is that most of the sufferers are not even aware of their disease and are wrongly treated. In November 2005, the National Heartburn Alliance of USA had surveyed heartburn sufferers to determine awareness and perceptions of heartburn, knowledge of heartburn treatments as well other symptoms that brought a dim result.

Some of the sufferers do not seek medical help on the pretext that their fathers and forefathers had suffered from it and that it is "in the blood" and so is incurable. Then there are those who take half-hearted efforts by gorging themselves with anti acid medications whenever they are threatened with heartburn. Some even walks down the road, going for acid blockers that tend to complicate the matter even more.

However, there are many GERD sufferers who have finally understood that taking a holistic approach to the problem may lead them to the right path and are thinking of changing their lifestyle, preferring herbal or alternative medicine instead of branded conventional drugs. But many are not aware of the fact that the treat is within their kitchen cup board and relief is as easy as breeze! This wonderfully effective recipe is often served in Korean style restaurants in theUnited States as a drink called the Persimmon Punch which is nothing more than a concentrated ginger-cinnamon cocoction that prevents heartburn. Ginger and cinnamon for heartburn sure seems to provide good results.

People consuming Persimmon Punch at home as the first thing in the morning for a month have reported lesser frequencies of heartburn while in some, the symptoms has gone for good. The secret behind the success of the Persimmon Punch lies within its ingredients. While ginger is considered to be a great curative agent that helps digestion and control acid formation, the cinnamon acts as an internal sedative, keeping the stomach calm and steady.

Ginger and Cinnamon Recipe for Heartburn Patients

For the benefit of all suffering from the dreaded burning sensation behind the breast bone at the dead of the night, here is the recipe.

Take one piece of cinnamon (1/2" x 2") and 3 slices of ginger fingers with the bark removed and lightly crushed in a ceramic teapot. Now pour boiling water on the mixture and close the lid. Let it draw for a few minutes so that the ingredients become infused when it becomes ready to drink. Ready-made powder cinnamon-ginger mix may be obtained from drugstores and health-food stores too. Ginger and cinnamon for heartburn is a proven remedy for most people suffering from GERD.

The fact is, ginger and cinnamon for heartburn will provide quick relief. But it is by no means a permanent treat. For that, a more detailed holistic treatment is necessary wherein the body is treated as a whole and all the contributing factors of heartburn and identified and treated. And since holistic remedies are able to treat the body as whole, all the factors can be challenged, as opposed to conventional medicine where just the symptoms are treated.

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