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Taking the WRONG GERD Drinks May Worsen your Acid Reflux

Researchers have found a well-built correlation between rise in 'per capita consumption' of 'Carbonated Soft Drinks' and rising rates of GERD in past twenty years. Usage of soft drinks containing carbon has gone up by almost 450%, from around 10.8 gallons/ year in the year 1946 to 49.2 gallons/year in the year 2000. Nevertheless, rates of GERD have risen by >570% among while males of theUS in last twenty-five years.

Researchers have set up published data with a proper biological basis for explaining ever increasing duration of exposure of oesophagus to acid due to the increase in usage of carbonated soft drinks. These soft drinks have been related to 'Gastric Distension' that has the capacity of triggering reflux. Studies have proved that usage of a can of 'Soda'/day pertains to around 53.5 minutes of elevated levels of acids in stomach.

When all this is outlined on a yearly basis, it comes out to about 53 soda gallons/year, with an additional time of 32100 minutes of elevated reflux of acid/year, with exposure of oesophagus to it. Researchers have suggested that this correlation can by no means be taken casually. As per the opinions of experts, there exists a biological connection between increased 'Gastric Pressure' and consumption of soft drinks. This can increase reflux. The fact that recurring reflux of acid highly contributes to oesophageal adenocarcinoma cannot be ignored.

Researchers have stated that of around liter of water is drunk at a time, the stomach tends to distend by that amount, but if it happens to be any carbonate drink, the distension would be only half of a liter. The end result is reflux. This causes the acid contained in stomach to be thrown back in to food pipe.

So, GERD sufferers! Stay miles away from such beverages and foods which are likely to increase the acid reflux risk. These drinks cause damage to other sensitive body parts. At times, such drinks act as catalysts to certain in-born disorders in some people. For instance- acid reflux can be caused by hiatal hernia as well. Hiatal Hernia is said to occur when stomach's upper part is above diaphragm. If carbonated soft drinks are consumed under such conditions, the risk of GERD increases manifolds.

Other drinks triggering GERD include alcohol, and coffee. One should avoid having food which is heavily spiced. Junk food should also be averted. Smokers! Beware! If you intend leading a peaceful life, quit smoking as quickly as possible. Doctors have advised a time interval of at least 3 hours between having dinner and going to bed. This helps in proper digestion and hence, tremendous reduction of acidity. Eventually, GERD would also be staying away.

Foods and drinks which need to be strictly avoided before going to bed

The foods and drinks to be strictly averted before bedtime include peppermint, chocolate, acidic foods, like tomatoes and oranges, cruciferous vegetables like onions, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, and brussel sprouts. Milk-based products and milk have a high content of fat and calcium, hence need to be kept away prior to bedtime.

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