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GERD Diet for Children that WORKS

GERD is types of disorder that can literary throw the life of a child in disorder and confusion. Unlike adults, children are not able to cope with the restrictions, which are placed upon them because of GERD - especially if the restrictions are placed upon their diet and eating habits. However, you can have a diet for children suffering from GERD, which is not met with resistance, by following few simple tips and tricks.

GERD condition in children:

GERD condition differs slightly in children, if it is compared to the GERD conditions in adults. The symptoms of GERD conditions in children differ significantly as well.  Children suffer from nausea, vomiting, aversion to eating, low weight gain, lethargy and general ill health. The symptoms vary according to the intensity of the problem as well. Some children also show behavioral and emotional problems that can intensify the agitation both the children and their parents go through because of GERD. As the condition of GERD varies from one child to another, the diet should also be tailor made to suit the personality of the child. Thus, a lot of thought should go in the process of having the right diet for children suffering from GERD.

Diet recommendations:

Very often a diet for children suffering from GERD tells what not to eat, rather than what to eat. A typical diet will recommend that children should not be given fatty food, citrus fruits and some forms of vegetables. Certain dieticians also prohibit the child from having any kind of junk food, no matter how occasionally the child is the habit of having it. Different types of bland stews and pies are also not likely to lift up the mood of your child. However, it is important to note that children should not be prohibited from having some types of foods, especially as they need all kinds of vitamins for maintaining normal growth.

Your child does need fats, proteins, carbohydrates and the like from the diet they eat. However, when one says fat, one should not think about saturated fat found in fast food items like burgers. Therefore, no matter how unpleasant the child may find it, it is essential that you limit the intake of processed food and trips to fast food joints. Spicy and salty food can also be a problem for children suffering from GERD. Spices and salt should be present only in limited quality in the food you cook for your children. To compensate for the lack of the usual crisps and bakery products, you can find alternate ways of cooking your food by using healthy vegetables and fruits and concocting gourmet, meals that your child may fancy, without suffering from bouts of GERD.      

You can also take help of the holistic approach to have a well balanced diet for children suffering from GERD. Holistic approach found in alterative medicine can also help you and your children to cope up with the changes that the diet is likely to bring in their life, in as empathetic a way as possible.

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