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TASTY Foods That Can Help
Heartburn Sufferers

Find out here the foods that all GERD patients should eat

If one is keen on having foods to minimize acid reflux, the choice has to be narrowed down to vegetables that are high in fibers, whole grain breads, non-citrus fruits and lean meat. Also, foods that help heartburn should be cooked in low-fat medium, like alternating broth for butter or cooking oil during saut?ing. In fact, oil may be thoroughly replaced by applesauce during the baking so that no oil residue is left.

Fried or spicy food is sure to induce more acid secretion in the stomach. These cause acid reflux and severe heartburn and are strictly barred. Here are a few examples of foods that are good for people who are suffering from heartburn.

Heartburn helping breakfast

A bowl of oatmeal with blueberries or raisins for breakfast could be the right choice since it is full of fiber. Low in saturated fat and cholesterol, it provides 20% vitamin A, while delivering 42% of RDA for iron. When combined with skim milk, there is no dearth for calcium in the morning breakfast bowl. As for antioxidants and vitamin C, a few blueberries will suffice and raisins will ensure potassium and some extra iron.

This superb breakfast food involves no frying - there is no need of any additional oil for processing. It is well suited to an early morning raw stomach.

Calorie content: Half-cup oatmeal (93 calories), half-cup skim milk (40 calories), a small serving of raisins (42 calories0 and half-cup blueberries (also around 40 calories). This breakfast food will sure not create any heartburn or acid reflux.

Heartburn helping lunch

As far as lean meats go, there is nothing like turkey, especially the skinless variety. A turkey sandwich garnished with apple cider vinegar and green vegetables is an excellent lunch for all those suffering from heartburn and other GERD symptoms.

Alternatively, a salmon, zucchini and potato kabob is also considered to be one of the finest foods that help heartburn. Grilled into bite-size kabobs, the salmon provides the easily digestible protein, vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids while the zucchini is full of minerals so important in a balanced lunch.

Calorie content: Salmon, 3 oz (165 calories), potato, 3 oz (80 calories) and half-cup zucchini (25 calories).

Heartburn helping dinner

Grilled chicken with carrots could be an excellent dinner. Grilled to better taste, this heartburn-friendly dish provides plenty of iron, around 28% of RDA of vitamin B6 as well as the antioxidant selenium. And the carrots are full of beat-carotene which is hardly found in any other vegetable available off-hand.

Calorie content: Grilled chicken, 3 oz (142 calories), half-cup steamed carrots (27 calories). This may be termed as one of the safest food items as dinner for the chronic GERD patient.

Heartburn helping dessert

A person suffering from GERD symptoms will have a restful sleep after having an apple and grapes dessert as the last thing at night. While both the fruits are low in cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium, they are rich in vitamin C without being unduly acidic. There are 65 calories for an apple and about 110 calories for a cup full of grapes.

Foods that help heartburn will for sure treat the symptoms of the disease and provide relief. However it will be temporary. Only holistic remedies can provide a permanent solution because in this, the body is treated as a whole, which is necessary since the causes of acid reflux are many and complicated. Holistic remedies give better results than conventional treats.

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