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Foods that Cause Heartburn

Are there any foods that cause heartburn? The truth is that while heartburn is a complex condition that caused by multiple factors, in the bouquet of foods that we consume, there are certain rogues which trigger the incidence of heartburn to a great extent. All the foods that have an acidic base are the causative factors and can be classified under the category of foods that trigger heartburn. You are the best judge as a matter of fact who can detect by eating which variety of food the incidence of heartburn gets triggered inside your body.

How to treat this then? Best way to find out for yourself is to chronicle the foods that you eat for one month in a diary on a regular basis. Record the incidence and intensity of heartburn vis-?-vis the food that you have consumed. Once a data base has been maintained then you on your own can find out which are the foods that trigger heartburn.

The data base that has been created by you can then be shown to your dietician and both of you together can decide about the foods that you ought to eat and avoid the foods that "cause" heartburn. The diary could be your almanac which would pave the way for bringing about a change in your eating habits, and take you on the path of holistic approach to bring down the incidence of heartburn.

As a matter of convention fruits like orange juice, lemon juice, lemonade, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice and tomato need to be avoided if the incidence of heartburn is occurring on a regular basis. In the category of vegetables the heartburn arises from consumption of mashed potatoes, French fries, onion consumed in raw form.

In the category of meats you need to avoid ground beef, chunk, marbled sirloin, chicken nuggets, and Buffalo wings. Certain category of dairy products also falls under the group of foods that "cause" heartburn and they also have to be avoided. Under this category are included sour cream, milk shake, ice cream and regular cottage cheese. Certain category of grains likes macaroni and cheese, and spaghetti with sauce also is avoided if heartburn has to be kept under control.

On the contrary, apple and banana are the fruits which help in keeping the incidence of heartburn under control. If you are fond of potato, you can have it by baking it. You can also bring down heartburn by gradually shifting over to broccoli and cabbage.

Note that heartburn can be kept under control if certain lifestyle changes are made and the holistic approach to food is induced. However, diet is only a part of the heartburn puzzle. In order to treat and eliminate heartburn permanently, you must tackle all the underlying factors that trigger this condition. Avoiding the foods that "cause" heartburn is the first step you need to take as part of a complete all natural holistic solution to heartburn. 

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