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Is there a Food that Can
Heal Heartburn? Here's the ANSWER

If one is keen on having food that heals heartburn, one may take plenty of apple and avocado but no tomatoes. Though it varies from person to person, foods that heal heartburn usually indicates alkaline food that does not encourage stomach to secrete more acid than what is required to digest the food that one eats. However, since heartburn is only a symptom and not the disease itself, the heartburn friendly foods may be properly addressed to those that heal the gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD.

Frequent heartburn caused by chronic GERD can not only lead to chest pain, it may also cause permanent damage to the esophagus and its inner linings that might develop into a serious condition (pre-cancerous) called the Barrett's Esophagus and should be healed fast. And the best method of doing so is through proper food.

Some food items like the banana have excellent healing properties. Although many people are not much aware about how banana can heal heartburn, it is rightly assumed that this wonder fruit can act as a natural anti acid. Besides, bananas are helpful in preventing ulcerous conditions in the stomach and the esophagus, thus healing the symptom of heartburn. Scientists also believe that bananas may guard against damage to stomach and the esophagus in two very significant ways, one of them being a chemical called protease inhibitor that kills ulcer-causing bacteria even before they go into work. And secondly, the potassium enriched fruit seems to stimulate the production of a type of protective mucous that prevents acids from doing any harm. Thus regular intake of bananas will heal GERD related symptoms like the heartburn.

Some everyday common vegetable items like the celery may also heal heartburn amazingly. Being quite alkaline, it acts on the acidity fast and controls heartburn to a great extent. Just chewing a few of these raw will bring about the desired effect. Food that heal heartburn also includes alkaline forming items like raisins, avocado, dates, fresh coconuts, soy products (especially soy yogurt) and mangoes where they are available.

Oats are also good for people who are suffering from heartburn. A bowl of oats with natural honey for breakfast will sure retard heartburn, if taken regularly every day. As for meat items, please include skinless turkey and chicken. Roasted or brazed, rather than fried or cooked in butter, they may provide all the nutrients yet remain heartburn-friendly all the while.

As apple cider vinegar proves quite helpful in heartburn, so also is the basic fruit. Apples are alkaline in nature and thus help heal heartburn efficiently and well with no side effect whatsoever.

These foods are may be good for heartburn and may provide relief, but a permanent solution is not possible. For that the contributing factors of the disease needs to be identified and then these factors need to be challenged. Holistic medicines can do this wonderfully well. Holistic remedies treat the body as a whole and not just the symptoms of the disease and this is why this stream of treatment is so successful with heartburn.

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