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Does Milk Help Heartburn?
Here's the Answer

Does milk help heartburn is a somewhat stingy query, the answer to which is both yes and no. That is, if one is not considering taking 'milk of magnesia', which is no milk but something that is anti acid, it may help heartburn. Jokes apart, milk may prove fairly effective as a short-time treat for heartburn to many, while with others, it is just the reverse.

However, it might be prudent to get into the proper perspective under which heartburn occurs and then justify if milk helps heartburn or it acts differently.

The principal culprit responsible for heartburn, which is a kind of burning sensation in the chest, is the lower esophageal sphincter or the LES that occasionally allows acidic stomach contents to reflux into the esophagus. The reasons behind this faulty operation involves two basic factors, namely, the unusual pressure created within the stomach and weak sphincter muscles that is unable to hold back the stomach contents. While some medications may strengthen the LES to tighten up properly, too much acid secretion in the stomach aggravates the situation beyond control. Acid inhibitory drugs then come into play to neutralize the stomach acidity, thus controlling the undue pressure formed there.

Does milk help heartburn - there is a debate going on

While one school of thought argues that milk being alkaline, it should neutralize the stomach acidity to a great extent and thus help heartburn, the other affirms that having a pH value of 6.7, it is slightly acidic and not alkaline as advocated by the earlier group. It may, say the second group, at best neutralize the acidity to some extent but never be able to reduce it.

But both the group of experts agrees on one point that the milk should be totally free of fat to do the job effectively and their arguments are quite conceivable. The milky part of the milk, they profess, may surely go neutralizing the acidity and at the same time providing a soothing layer against the erosion. The fatty part of the milk will give rise to further acidity, fighting against its own curative properties. And thus it becomes a losing battle till a third group waiting in the line comes up with soy milk that sure should help heartburn to the fullest extent. Researchers are yet to test the effects of soy milk on GERD patients and so are hesitant to comment on the topic.

By the way, the baffling mystery behind declaring milk as the "remedy" for heartburn that has been going on for ages among believers of natural remedy for heartburn remains unsolved till this date. One of the reasons why milk helped heartburn in the earlier days could be the availability of Pure Milk as against the much fortified, vitamin enriched, antibiotic touched, intelligent present day milk that proves too much to digest for the uneducated stomach and the less educated esophagus to endure.

The debate may rage on, but on one point many people agree, and this is that, holistic medicines provide a better relief to heartburn than conventional remedies. This is because, holistic remedies treat the body as a whole, which is the right approach because the contributing factors of heartburn are many - it being such a complicated issue.

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