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The Difference between Acid reflux and Heartburn EXPOSED

Acid reflux and heartburn are often held synonymously owning to the fact that heartburn is one of the most well known symptoms of acid reflux. However, there are some subtle differences between acid reflux and heartburn, which need to be understood in order to get the right kind of treatment for both.

Acid reflux and heartburn:

Acid reflux is a type of disorder, which causes the acid and the gastric juices to flow back or reflux from the stomach to the esophagus. When this happens, among many other symptoms, a person gets a strange burning sensation in his chest accompanied by some kind of chest pain. This is often described as heartburn. Hence, rather than a disease in itself, heartburn is a symptom of acid reflux.  Acid reflux causes many other types of changes in your body. You may get nauseas, which can be accompanied by vomiting; coughing and sometimes you may even experience difficulty in swallowing. Heartburn meanwhile does not cause any additional physical problem in the person. Nevertheless, the acid reflux disorder and heartburn are so entwined with each other that it is difficult for a person to really understand the problem he himself is having. However, you can take into account the common differences between acid reflux and heartburn, to understand the nature of both the problems.

1) Acid reflux disease is chronic. Meanwhile, heartburn is more acute in nature. As heartburn is just a symptom, it usually disappears after administration of some kind of medication.

2) Acid reflux disease cannot be treatd if heartburn is removed by medication. As the causes of acid reflux are more complex, it takes something more than a pill to treat this disorder. If you are unfortunate to go for conventional treatment, you may even have to undergo surgery to rectify the problem.

3) Acid reflux disorder is not caused by heartburn, as many assume. On the contrary, it is heartburn, which can be the symptom of this disease. However, again, you cannot be sure whether heartburn is caused by acid reflux or some other problem, until and unless you go through diagnostic tests.  

4) Heartburn that is not caused by acid reflux typically is the result of undigested food, and is treatd very easily. However, if acid reflux lurks behind heartburn, then it is sure to resurface as soon as the acid reflux disorder is triggered by dietary or lifestyle factors.

Importance of understanding the differences:

It is extremely important that you understand the difference between acid reflux and heartburn to get the right kind of treatment. Typically, if heartburn persists despite all types of medication, you may well be dealing with acid reflux. However, many people fear conventional medication, which is both harsh and expensive to treat this disorder. Fortunately, you can opt for a better alternative for conventional medication, which is in the form of alternate medicine. Holistic approach is extremely beneficial, as it can, not only help you figure out the differences between acid reflux and heartburn, but also treat the disorders in the best possible way.

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