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Complications of GERD Uncovered

GERD can itself be bad, and so it can be well assumed that the complications of the disease will be worse. However the good news is that, though many people are affected by this disease, the complications occur in relatively lesser cases. But try saying this to those who are suffering from these complications, and you will not see happy faces. GERD complications are indeed bad news to them and worse still, they have to go through it daily.

It is probably due to the ignorance or passivity that people affected with heartburn from acid reflux often do not visit medics to treat their GERD. But the consequences, unknown to most of them, could be fatal. Yes, an untreated case can lead to various complications. In cases like the silent acid reflux where no heartburn is manifest, the GERD acts as a silent killer that goes on damaging the inner lining of the esophagus till it goes beyond repair.

The Various Complications of the Disease

Even a regular case may lead to complications, and they can be lethal if left untreated. For instance, in Barrett's Esophagus, where the muscular tube that carries the food consumed to the stomach undergoes a change in some of its inner lining, and is replaced by tissue similar to the type that is usually found within the intestine. This malignant transformation is likely to develop into esophageal cancer in most cases.

Complications of GERD can also lead to Esophageal Cancer which is a condition in which cancerous cells form within the esophagus tissues. Though un-confirmed but based on statistics, esophageal cancer is usually linked with gastroesophageal reflux disease. So avoid such complications - get it treated quickly.

There are yet other complications of the disease, such as Erosive Esophagitis. The manifestation of this condition includes inflammation, swelling and slow erosion within the inner wall of the esophagus due to continuous contact with acidic stomach content that gets refluxed through the faulty lower esophageal sphincter.

There are other complications too such as Esophageal Strictures where the food tube gets narrower and narrower, making it difficult for the person to swallow any food. Often surgery seems to be the only method of treatment in which an auxiliary tube is inserted to work as esophagus.

However, these complications could be easily avoided if proper treatment is done at an early stage when the severity as well as the frequency of acid reflux is not so acute. Treatment also becomes complicated and knotty as the GERD gets chronic and unremitting.

GERD Complications and Natural Remedies

The fact is, conventional medicines are not so effective in treating the various complications. But the good news is, it seems that natural or holistic remedies are giving better results in curing these complications. And so such treatments for the complications of GERD are becoming popular.

Why are holistic treatments so effective? Whereas conventional remedies just address the symptoms of the disease, holistic treatments on the other hand take on the body as a whole and this is what is needed because GERD can happen due to many reasons such as Candida infections, dietary patterns, lifestyles, and also from genetic traits. Since holistic treatments are able to treat the body as a whole, all these multiple factors of the disease can be challenged only by holistic remedies. Thus it is important to treat GERD holistically.

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