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Can Acid Reflux Make You Nauseas?
Here's the ANSWER

Acid reflux disorder is so complicated and evil that it can cause many different types of ailments and complications. One such symptom of acid reflux disorder is nausea. Acid reflux can make you nauseas. Sometimes, nausea can also be followed by vomiting. As nausea is a particularly unpleasant condition, you can take some measures to control it, by understanding the connection between acid reflux and nausea.

Acid reflux and nausea:

 Acid reflux disorder is often associated with heartburn. Acid reflux causes the acid containing gastric juices to reflux from the stomach and to the esophagus. The burning and spluttering feeling you get is typically caused by the acid and the gastric content. Acid reflux can make you nauseas as the acid content can lead to some form of stomach upset. Some people can also get nauseas by getting the funny sour taste in their mouth. On rare but significant occasions, you can also get nauseas, because of prolonged exposure to prescription drugs. Some drugs can cause this side effect even if they otherwise provide you relief from common acid reflux symptoms like heartburn.

Relieving the symptom:

Many people experience nausea along with some other acid reflux symptoms after having some types of foods and beverages. Findings have shown that acid reflux can make you nauseas, specially, if it is triggered by some external factors. Hence in order to avoid nausea, you take some precautions in that direction.

1.     Treat acid reflux naturally: Acid reflux can make you nauseas, as long as it exists. Hence, in order to get rid of nausea, you will have to treat acid reflux, rather than treating nausea itself. This is because, merely treating the symptoms is not likely to make the problem disappear. You can use holistic approach and alternative medicine to get rid of acid reflux and also nausea in the process.    

2.      Avoid fatty food: Food, which is rich in startch, fats and oil, can really intensify nausea. Though avoiding the food will not treat either acid reflux or nausea, it can help you to avoid them both. A good diet can also be a part of acid reflux treatment. 

3.      Drink water: water can really help you relieve the intensity of nausea. It can also do its bit to flush away the toxins that can aggravate the problem.

4.      Bring changes in your lifestyle: Acid reflux can make you nauseas, if it is supported by a faulty lifestyle. Irregular working hours, poor quality sleep can all aggravate your problem still further. Hence, you can control nausea by making the necessary changes in your lifestyle 

Nausea and acid reflux are closely related. A fact understood by conventional medicine. However, conventional medicine cannot help you treat nausea induced by acid reflux as it can just attack nausea, and not the cause that gives rise to it in the first place.  On the other hand, alternative treatment can help you free yourself from the evil circle by breaking the connection effectively. Hence, even if acid reflux can make you nauseas, you can still overcome it by treating acid reflux with alternative treatment therapy. 


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