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Caffeine and GERD Connection UNCOVERED

Caffeine and GERD are in fact related. In fact, those suffering from ulcers or GERD, heartburn, etc. might be surprised learning that caffeine might be the reason of their condition getting aggravated. They are advised to kick the coffee habit (coffee mostly contains caffeine), so that the symptoms of GERD can be reduced. Let the adverse effects of caffeine consumption be studied in details:

Interference with ability of feeling good

Gamma-amino butyric acid (GAMA) is the 'feel good' brain messenger of the body. It plays a major role in stress and mood management. GI tract is also believed to be calmed by GAMA. Intake of caffeine might interfere with ability of GAMA of performing the calming function.

Caffeine is also said to interfere with role of GAMA in management of stress, which might worsen the symptoms as psychological stress contributes to the above-mentioned conditions. Evidence has suggested that exhaustion resulting out of continuous stress, along with anxiety, are linked with oesophageal reflux and aggravation of heartburn. The only solution to these problems is quitting the habit of intake of caffeine. Thus, caffeine and GERD are in turn related.


GERD, medically known as gastro esophageal reflux disease is triggered when LES (lower esophageal sphincter) opens with a spontaneous effect, for various spans of time, or doesn't close right, and contents of stomach rise up in to oesophagus. The common name for GERD is acid regurgitation or acid reflux. This can be attributed to the fact that digestive juices, known as acids rise up along with food.

The oesophagus is a tube carrying food from mouth to stomach. LES is a muscle ring located at oesophagus's bottom acting like valve between stomach and oesophagus. Whenever there is an occurrence of acid reflux, it becomes possible to taste food in back of mouth. Stomach acid, when happens to touch oesophagus lining, a smoldering sensation might be caused in throat or chest called acid indigestion or heartburn. 

Summary: Caffeine and GERD Connection

Acid indigestion, also known as frequent heartburn, is one of the common symptoms of GERD (in adults). A person experiencing heartburn at least twice/week is likely to have GERD. It's not necessary to always have heartburn to get diagnosed for GERD. One might have trouble in swallowing, asthma symptoms, or dry cough to have GERD.

While caffeine can trigger GERD aggravation, it is not enough to quit caffeine or take medication for acidity, as this only deal with the symptoms of GERD. It is important that you remove the root cause of GERD and not only fight the symptoms. Thus, so as to ensure that the condition of GERD does not keep returning, you should approach the holistic approach of treatment.

Even when you do consult a physician to treat GERD, you must ensure that the method of treatment that is advised by him or her is in accordance with the holistic approach of treatment of GERD. This will provide for permanent treat from the GERD problem.

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