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DISCOVER How Apples Can Help Acid Reflux Patients

The apple has many benefits - it is useful in acid reflux too. Find out how.

Acid reflux (gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD) has been tormenting the medical profession for decades as no specific medication has yet been found for this distressing disease condition. Apart from anti-acidic over-the-counter medications that prove more injurious than beneficial to GERD sufferers and proton pump inhibitors that try to stop acid secretion in the stomach which again interferes with the very process of digestion, nothing else seems to come anywhere near a total treat.

Sensing this void in the field of ethical products, various alternative medicinal preparations or supplements have gained ground, among which lactobacillus acidophilus, which is a lactic acid producing bacteria is said to have healing effect on the esophagus, thus alleviating heartburning and associated discomfort in GERD patients. It today seems that holistic remedies are giving better results than conventional drugs and they do not come with side effects too.

However, the concept of a household item and a very common crop like the apple which the old aunts have been recommending since ages to people suffering from heartburn, somehow seems to have been overlooked. It appears that the jet age values and fast food culture have thoroughly washed out the validity of the old axiom of distracting the doctor with the dose of an apple a day. Nevertheless, the apple as a savior of heartburn patients, have come to stay.

For people who dislike sinking their fangs on raw apple all the while, the best remedy for acid reflux comes in the form of raw apple cider vinegar. Available in gallon jars, the apple cider vinegar as it is popularly called can be stored in the attic and when inspected after a few days, one may locate a cloudy fluid settling almost at the bottom of the jar. This is the "mother" that contains all the enzymes and various other medicinal properties that go in curing the heartburn.

The apple cider vinegar tea is made of one teaspoon of ACV 'mother', one teaspoon of raw honey and eight ounces of plain water all mixed together for an eight hour consumption. The ACV tea may be sipped slowly before the meals, after the meals as also when heartburn threatens to recur. This medicated raw apple cider vinegar tea has reportedly treatd many heartburn patients who have benefited from the healing effect of apple and so, apple acid reflux syndrome could open a helping window to an otherwise dark corridor that failed to raise any hope amongst heartbroken heartburn victims all over our small little planet.

Contra Indications

As the healing effects of ACV on the esophagus was published in several US medical journals and comments were invited from the reading public which included doctors and healthcare professionals, one wrote back - "But at this point, I do not even know if this product (Apple cider vinegar) truly is harmless or not. What I do know with a good amount of evidence is that the wall of esophagus is far more fragile than that of the stomach, and repeated exposure to low pH (as in acid/vinegar) causes chronic inflammation, cellular dysplasia, and ultimately a high risk of cancer".

Apple may offer an acid reflux remedy - but the gain would be temporary. For a permanent treatment, you need to turn to holistic treatments that treat the body as a whole and diagnoses all the contributing factors of the disease (which by the way can be many). Holistic remedies give a better treat because unlike conventional drugs that treats just the symptoms mostly, they delve deeper and tried to investigate the real causes of the ailment.

So the only way to treat and prevent this chronic condition permanently would be to tackle all the acid reflux contribution factors. And this is possible through holistic remedies.


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