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Alcohol and Heartburn Connection EXPOSED

There exists a definite connection between alcohol and heartburn. Today, there is growing consumption of alcohol all over the world, and especially so in the developed countries. Alcohol can create many problems for your health including heartburn, even if you don't have an addiction to alcohol. However, you can deal with it easily, by following a few tips and tricks and adhering to some guidelines.

How does alcohol trigger heartburn?


The negative connection between alcohol and heartburn is not a great secret. However, very few people know how this connection actually works. Actually, there are different ways in which alcohol can trigger heartburn.


         Findings have shown that alcohol consumption can increase the production of acid in the stomach. This increased acid just bides its time till it can capitalize on the already existing condition like GERD to trigger off heartburn.


         It is also assumed that alcohol speeds up the process of acid reflux from the stomach to the esophagus, as it relaxes the LES or lower esophageal sphincter.


         Sometimes alcohol can also trigger heartburn by inducing changes in the lifestyle of a person. Late night parties, followed by binge eating and drinking can escalate heartburn. This is because; alcohol and the induced lifestyle changes can seriously hamper your biological clock. Irregular eating and sleeping problems caused by alcohol can also intensify heartburn.


Alcohol consumption, therefore, can seriously affect your heartburn condition for the worst. This problem also aggravates, as people who are used to having alcohol cannot give it up completely despite trying. However, despite this, you can control your alcohol consumption and can make a significant difference in your condition related to heartburn.   


Tips and tricks


To control alcohol consumption, you can begin gradually by limiting the intake of alcohol. Don't stop drinking alcohol altogether if you drink regularly, as it may cause alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Instead, you can try and reduce the intake from three glasses a day to two and half to two glasses and so on. It is also a good idea to consult a physician before limiting or controlling your alcohol intake in a safe way. You should also avoid drinking alcohol after a particularly large and rich meal. This is because, fatty and spicy food can trigger heartburn most efficiently. Add alcohol to the list and you may well prepare yourself to sit through the night nursing heartburn.


You can drink the unfiltered wheat beer which is known not to trigger acid reflux. You can also dilute your drink with water, club soda or tonics that blend well with the type of alcohol you are drinking. Take smaller glasses for drinking, which can reduce your consumption significantly.


Sometimes, despite all your efforts, you can still find it extremely difficult to control alcohol consumption. At such times you can take help of the holistic approach. Besides helping you to deal with alcohol issues, it holistic approach would treat heartburn with a combination of herbal remedies and lifestyle changes. It enables you to regain the lost control on your life and is an all-natural, safe, and permanent remedy for heartburn.

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