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Acidophilus Remedy for Heartburn REVEALED

It may be good to know that Lactobacillus Acidophilus is a lactic acid producing bacteria that is believed to have beneficial effects on digestion and overall health. What, however, was not known, is the fact that acidophilus supplements in powder form can protect the oesophagus without destroying the acid (as it is essential for digestion), while at the same time it kills the GERD pain. But this may be only half of the story since the other half involves tightening of the LES (lower oesophageal sphincter) as otherwise the cycle would not be complete.

But let us first concentrate on keeping the oesophagus relaxed and then fix the LES. And to do that, one has to take acidophilus supplements (in powder form) along with digestive enzymes at mid-meal or whenever the pain threatens to overpower. One, however, has to keep both the medications handy, so that effective treatment procedure is not discontinued, even for a short period. The 'trick of the trade' lies in breaking open the capsule and depositing the powder into the mouth, allowing the saliva to roll it down the oesophagus till it reaches the stomach, effecting the magical treat. Incidentally, the secret behind the solution lies in the supplement that contains billions of 'good boy' bacteria that we should have in the gastrointestinal tract to effect healthy digestive environment while the added enzymes help in the digestion.

As for availability, dosage and method of taking the supplement, please read on. Acidophilus, which is available at most supplement stores as well as through the web, is said to be the most effective when refrigerated in the capsule form (powdered) and then the powder thrown into the mouth preferably sans water. to teaspoonfuls may be taken along with meal, before meal or anytime when the burning sensation is felt. In case this dosage proves to be too sensitive, it may be lowered or temporarily stopped till the sensitivity reaches lower level when the treatment may be resumed. For persons who feel uncomfortable with dry powder in their mouth, they may have a few sips of water along with acidophilus supplement.

For tightening of the lower oesophageal sphincter which is essential to curing GERD, some form of super enzymes that contain a plant-based form of acid called Betain Hydrochloride is often used. Prolonged intake of this super enzyme may eventually revive the lost power of the LES to close fully, thus protecting the oesophagus from unvarying acid erosion.

Please note that, consuming acidophilus supplements for a long period of time can lead to a slight increase in flatulence, which is reported to have been experienced by some people. Thus, acidophilus remedy for heartburn is best combined with other natural remedies in a holistic way that addresses all the factors that have led to acid reflux.

We know by now that heartburn is not a disease in itself, but just a symptom of it. The most effective way of treating this disease is to opt for holistic treatment. This is because acid reflux can happen due to many causes and only holistic remedies (and not conventional medicine) can reach out deep into the body and investigate all these contributing factors. And when all the factors are investigated and treated, the symptoms of the disease go away. This approach, that treats the body as a whole, is indeed better than that of treating just the symptoms of the disease. This is why holistic remedies are several times more effective than conventional drugs.

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