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Acid Reflux Vs Heart Attack:
DISCOVER the Differences

There are several disease conditions affecting humans that have more or less similar symptomatic behavior patterns and acid reflux & heart attack represents one such pair. A little research on the topic may clear the confusion, leading to recovery through the right course of treatment.

To begin with, acid reflux or more precisely gastro-esophageal acid reflux (GER) is caused by the untimely opening of the lower esophageal one-way valve or sphincter (LES) whose duty is to admit food and beverages carried by the esophagus into the stomach and not vice versa. But due to muscular fatigue or weakness, whatever you may call, the LES occasionally opens up (undue gas build up within the stomach may also force it to do so) as a result of which a part of the acidic stomach contents refluxes (back flows) into the esophagus when all hell breaks loose.


The stomach acid produced within the body (for digestion purpose) is a fairly strong acidic solution (hydrochloric acid) that can corrode any bodily organ which is not protected by mucus membrane and that precisely is what happens to the poor esophagus which is not protected by any mucosa at all. T corrosion eventually takes the form of a 'heartburn' or a burning sensation experienced below the breastbone, somewhat similar to the pain and discomfort caused by angina pectoris or myocardial ischemia, more colloquially, a heart attack.


Acid reflux -Vs- Heart attack - The Two Are Different


However, a heart attack has nothing to do with the stomach or the esophagus. On the contrary, it can be defined as the destruction of heart muscles due to stoppage of blood flow there. The stoppage is mostly due to a blockage of the coronary artery or there could be a bundle of blockage causing severe pain, not heartburning. Although pain is somewhat common in both heartburn and heart attack, there are other significant symptoms which can surely distinguish the latter from the former.


While a burning sensation in the chest is the forerunner of acid reflux, no such symptom predicts a heart attack. Though pain is also experienced during acid reflux, it never extends to other body parts like the shoulders, neck or arms. Heart attack pain may spread right up to the jaw bones and is accompanied by shortness of breath, sweating (profuse) and dizziness. These symptoms are also never associated with acid reflux or heartburn.


Typically, heart attack symptoms include sudden onset of tightness in the chest region along with substantial pressure, squeezing, constriction, with radiation to left arm, especially after meals or with emotional arousal. No such symptoms are linked to acid reflux or gastro-esophageal acid reflux, for that matter. Also significant are other contributing factors in relation to heart attack that include strong family history of cardiac diseases, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes Mellitus. When none of these is present in the case history of the patient, his or her heartburn or painful condition below the breastbone could indicate GER and not Angina Pectoris.


But where the two are the same is in the discomfort they can cause in the chest region. Though acid reflux is not as serious as a heart ailment, you should not take a chance with it. If its symptoms are showing, you should opt for holistic remedy, as it provides a quicker and better relief than conventional drugs.

Holistic treatment treats the body as a whole and tries to find out all the contributing factors, which can be many in the case of acid reflux. The fact is, conventional medicine does not treat the body as a whole and so often all the causes of the disease cannot be identified and thus cannot be treated either. Because of this, so often it happens that the symptoms go away with treatment but soon reappears (since some of the underlying causes are still active). Go instead for holistic treatment for a permanent acid-reflux-free life!

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