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Acid Reflux Prescription Drugs
Here's Why

The first thing that many people suffering from acid reflux do, is to seek solace from acid reflux by popping prescription drugs. Acid reflux disorder often causes heartburn, chest constriction, pain and many other symptoms. The significant distress forces a person to take prescription drugs merely to get rid of the symptoms. However, even though the drugs soothe your pain and suffering for a brief period of time, their effectiveness has come under the scanner when it comes to actually curing the acid reflux disorder and particularly so, when it is compared to the damage incurred due to their various side-effects.

Types of prescription drugs:

There are many different types of prescription drugs for acid reflux. These can be divided broadly into three categories. First are the PPIs or Proton pump inhibitors. This type of medication is aimed at blocking the mechanism in the stomach cells, which is responsible for releasing acid into the stomach. Hence, when the mechanism is blocked, the process of acid reflux stops immediately. The second type of prescription drug is the Antacids. Antacids are mainly concerned with neutralizing the acidity. Available in different forms like tablets, chewing gums, liquid suspensions and more, this promises relief for a few hours, depending upon the strength of the medicine in question. The third type of prescription drug comes in the form of H2 - receptor antagonists. As the name suggests, this particular type of prescription drug is concerned with the functions of your gastric system. In other words, they actually halt the production of stomach acid production by working on the gastric system. Therefore, prescription drugs vary among each other in many different ways in providing relief from the symptoms of acid reflux.


Limitations of prescription drugs:


All of these drugs have certain limitations. A few of these are as follows:


         They bring about artificial changes in your body. Hence, you are not able to get rid of the cause of acid reflux, but merely its symptoms.


         Prescription drugs have short-term effects only. They don't provide a permanent solution to your problem


         Prescription drugs are not safe for long-term use, as they can cause many side effects. Side effects like ulcers and extreme heat are very common. Besides, they may even endanger your health by affecting your liver and kidney in a negative way.


         Prescription drugs cannot treat acid reflux.


         Prescription drugs are unsafe for newborn babies and pregnant women.

Acid reflux prescription drugs therefore cannot give you much respite from the disease despite the relief from the symptoms. Hence, you need a comprehensive and effective form of treatment to deal with acid reflux. However, conventional medication has failed to treat acid reflux so far without resorting to harsh forms of treatment like surgery. On the contrary, alternative medicine therapies like the holistic treatment has managed to score over these prescription drugs by providing a natural and permanent treat to the patients by addressing the internal causes of acid reflux. Hence, you can free yourselves from the shackles of acid reflux by a combination of lifestyle changes which do not burden you with any side-effects.


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