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Acid reflux is a type of disorder in which the acid containing gastric juices, reflux or flow back from the stomach to the oesophagus. This causes many problems, including heartburn. There are many drugs, which claim to treat acid reflux. However, In order to control and eliminate acid reflux, you have to really understand both the efficiency of the acid reflux drugs and their effects.

Types of acid reflux drugs:

The most common forms of acid reflux drugs which are used by people are the over-the counter pills that are not adequately designed to treat acid reflux. Many of the drugs are however meant for easing the symptoms of acid reflux and provide short-term relief from the pain caused by acid reflux. Therefore, they do win the approval of acid reflux patients because of quick results. However, when it comes to long-term effects, these over - the - counter pills fail miserably to fulfil their promises and also give you some distressing side effects in the bargain. The acid reflux drugs can be divided into three categories namely Antacids, H2 - receptor antagonists, and PPI or proton pump inhibitors. The Antacids are aimed at neutralizing acidity, while the H2 - receptors claim to protect your gastric system from the harmful stomach acid production. Meanwhile, the PPI specializes in counteracting the mechanism present in the stomach cells in such a way that it prevents the flow of acid into the stomach. 

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Advantages of acid reflux drugs:


Acid reflux drugs provide immediate relief. They prove to be beneficial as they can ease extreme pain and suffering. Hence, they are used, mostly during emergency situations, when the pain is especially unbearable. Acid reflux drugs also help the patients to counteract the symptoms of acid reflux till they can find a more permanent solution to the problem.  


Limitations of acid reflux drugs:


The effects of acid reflux drugs are grossly short lived. This is because; they concentrate only on the symptoms of acid reflux and not the actual cause of the problem. Acid reflux drugs also cause side effects, especially if they are taken over a long time. Some acid reflux drugs can also weaken your immune system, while others can damage your liver.  Besides this, acid reflux drugs can also give patients a false sense of security. Hence, they can actually prevent the patients from seeking treatment that is so necessary to treat acid reflux in time. Acid reflux drugs also don't provide an alternative to efficient and long-lasting acid reflux treatments like holistic treatment.


Holistic approach counteracts all the negative aspects of acid reflux drugs by staying away successfully from superficial conventional medical treatment. As acid reflux is related not just to your stomach, but also to your entire system, acid reflux drugs can barely scrape the surface of efficient acid reflux treatment. On the other hand holistic approach combines herbal medication, diet and lifestyle modification and a lot more to attack this disease where it hurts the most. Hence, in order to treat your acid reflux, you will have to approach the most comprehensive form of treatment that can be offered only by alternative medication, in particular the holistic approach.

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