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Miraculous Diet for
Acid Reflux Disease that Gets RESULTS

Once it has been diagnosed that you have become a victim of the acid reflux disease then you have to make certain adjustments in your diet. Acid reflux disease and diet have a strong symbiotic relationship and if adjustments are made in diet you can keep the acidic reflux under strict control. It, however, has to be kept in mind that each person's food triggers may differ from the trigger of another person.  For example, while tomato-based foods may not trigger off acid reflux symptoms in you, it may do so in somebody else. The best way to find out which foods do trigger off acid reflux symptoms is to maintain a food diary, jotting down the foods that do cause the symptoms.

To control acid reflux disease diet has to be taken in measured proportions. You should avoid having large meals and built up a habit to have meals in small quantity and have it more number of times during a day. You should also bring about a change in your sleeping pattern along with change in diet as well.

A general perception has been built that acidic fruits like lime, lemon; oranges being acidic in nature could initiate acid reflux, and hence should be avoided. Number of studies point contrary to the fact and have underlined that citrus fruits do not trigger off acid reflux. Personal experiences of a large number of patients have underlined the fact that whenever they had heartburn, a glass of strong lime juice has actually helped to alleviate the symptoms quite promptly. A caution has to be exercised, however. Always consult your doctor as he will be the best person to give you the right advice according to your individual symptoms and requirements.


Many of the persons when they experience heartburn, as an instinct pop up the antacids. Where they to just run a test check on the food they are consuming and the manner in which they are consuming, it would be found that just by altering these processes the acidic reflux can be kept under control.


Do not go to the bed after having meal, but try to have some gap between meal and sleep. You could shift your schedule of having meals of the night between 8-8.30 p.m. Also while sleeping, try to have your head in an elevated position. These steps in conjunction with change in the diet are a holistic approach to keep the incidence of acid reflux disease under control.


Keep in mind that the above dietary principles are only a small part of complete acid reflux disease diet - the first step of a comprehensive holistic approach that addresses and tackles the internal factors that trigger this complex medical condition. Did you know that your painful, distressing acid reflux disease could be permanently healed using an all-natural holistic strategy?

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