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Discover the SECRET Link between Acid Reflux and Difficulty Swallowing

At times, acid reflux induced difficulty in swallowing becomes just unbearable. It is said to be controlled by changes in sleep habits and diet, and proper medication. If acid reflux is not checked for a long span of time, several problems can occur. They might prove to be fatal sometimes. The clinical term for this condition is ‘dysphagia’ and many people face this problem.


Acid escaping from the stomach works its way up the oesophagus. It can prove to be quite damaging to the tissues encountered by it. It can damage the oesophagus by way of burning it. The throat is likely to get scarred. This scarring might be irreversible. Just treating acid reflux won't help. The tissues and muscles need to be flexed for carrying out the function of swallowing, but when charred, this can, by no means, happen. This is the worst effect of all. Additionally, when the LES (Lower Oesophageal Sphincter) fails in stopping the stomach acid from escaping into the oesophagus, the UES (Upper Oesophageal Sphincter) closes very tightly on instinct which makes the passage of solid food very difficult. Many people experience difficulty in swallowing food early in the morning because they suffer from acid reflux at night or ‘silent reflex.’ There may also be inflammation of throat tissues and nerves due to GERD induced regurgitation.

If you ever happen to suffer from difficulty in swallowing due to acid reflux, you should go for the holistic approach as in this method the problem is addressed at the root level and you can get rid of the problem at the very basic level. This approach is a comprehensive one that takes into account all the causes, symptoms, treatment options and even any side-effects that may follow the main problem.

Ways of diagnosing

When you intend to get diagnosed for acid reflux induced difficulty in swallowing, doctors would be making use of a small camera to see what has been going on in the oesophagus and the throat. This would help them in gauging the damage done and the path towards the remedy as well. In certain cases, they are likely to think that clearance will happen on its own. At times, oesophagus needs to be stretched with the help of a specific tool. If the situation is beyond control, surgery can also be suggested. While medication is going on, only 'Soft Foods' might be advised, apart from having your medicines crushed, and getting the necessary calories in the form of liquid such as protein drinks.

Treatment for this disease is still not all that prevalent in the society. But, if you start thinking about the damage caused by the acid to the body, you would very well recognize by yourself the importance of seeking expert advice. In particular, it can be very successfully treated by the holistic approach. This approach is devoid of all side-effects, is perfectly natural, and is designed to give you long-lasting solutions that don’t compromise with your overall health.

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