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Acid Reflux Cough is a WARNING Sign. Treat It Now!

Acid reflux cough usually occurs with acid reflux, which is a common condition and a horrible disorder. It is one of the main diseases that occur in many people. The medical term for this disease is GERD or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease. The acid reflux condition can become very severe; however, most people tend to take it very lightly.

Generally, stomach acids cause the problem of acid reflux when it passes through the stomach to the oesophagus. Not every person in this world suffers seriously though. This is mainly because most of the people possess a strong barricade at the bottom of their oesophagus that protects it from this acid. Some of the people have a weak barricade.


What is Acid Reflux?


There are quite a number of people who have a constant problem of continuous cough and frequently have a doubt about the causes of this problem. One of the main causes for continuous cough is to have acid reflux disease or GERD. In acid reflux, the Lower Oesophageal Sphincter tends to get weak, because of which the acid from the stomach tends to move upwards into the oesophagus. This causes a burning sensation and in some cases, an irritation in the larynx and the throat, resulting in cough. This is why you can in fact develop this type of cough very fast.


The Problem of Acid Reflux Cough


Different types of cough can be developed when the acids present in your stomach are able to find their way through your lungs and throat. This can actually cause the problem of dry acid reflux cough where most of the people develop dangerous disorders of breathing like bronchitis and pneumonia. One of the common methods to deal with this problem is intake of medicines which are designed to manage acid reflux and also to eliminate the activities that can cause this condition.


Another kind of cough is caused when acid irritation in the throat causes excess accumulation of mucus in the larynx, and the patient has a constant feeling of ‘a lump in the throat.’ While attempting to clear his throat again and again, the ‘clearing’ process can induce a cough, which, however, is less severe than the dry acid reflux cough.


A third kind of cough related to acid reflux occurs when the patient has a gagging sensation owing to taste of blood and pungent acid in the throat. This is an extreme case which occurs due to oesophageal bleeding.


However, before understanding how to neutralize this problem, you should remember that most of the over the counter medicines that are available only deal with the acid reflux cough, and do not treat the root cause which is the acid reflux itself. Thus, chances are that the cough will keep reappearing. Thus, in this case, it is important that you adopt the holistic approach to treat the root.


The Holistic Approach to Acid Reflux Cough


If this condition in you becomes severe, you should consider adopting the holistic approach. Holistic treatment, which can include detoxification, herbal remedies, and lifestyle and dietary changes can fix the internal cause of acid reflux cough and thus have a considerable advantage over most conventional treatments that merely touch the surface of this condition. Holistic treatment is also perfectly safe as it does not cause any side-effects and heals your condition naturally.

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