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Acid Reflux and Vomiting: Is There A Link?

Acid reflux manifestations vary from one person to another. While majority of people complain about moderate to severe heartburn, some suffer from an acute chest pain, one resembling the symptoms of a heart-attack. But, for a person whose mouth becomes filled with semi-digested acidic foodstuff all of a sudden due to acid reflux, the only reaction perhaps is a violent retch.

Apart from the classic symptoms of heartburn, acid reflux and vomiting almost always go hand in hand. However, things go bad with those that suffer from erosive esophagitis. This is developed in chronic acid reflux patients who often vomit blood. Unabated acid reflux in such cases causes extensive damage to the oesophagus which may sometimes bleed, and as they vomit out the pungent reflux material from the mouth, the regurgitated blood also comes out along with it. Blood-vomiting is also associated with Barrett's Oesophagus, which is a pre-cancerous disease condition where the oesophagus is permanently injured, oozing blood now and then.


The problem can be even more severe with patients who are suffering from oesophageal stricture, where the food pipe is so narrowed as to create lacerations in the oesophageal lining. This leads to bleeding every time the food passes through it. And when such people vomit out reflux material from the mouth, it gets mixed with the free flowing blood.


Though adults may somehow control the vomiting that results from acid reflux due mostly to social circumstances, children are not capable of doing so. Incessant retching accompanied by hiccups is a sure sign of gastro-oesophageal acid reflux in most children. Infants who cannot express the acidic taste of refluxed stomach contents reaching their mouth find no other alternative but to go on crying every time a reflux occurs. In such a situation, it is the mother of the baby who can explain the symptoms to an attending doctor or healthcare professional.


Vomiting aside, acid reflux in children may cause several respiratory problems including effortless spitting and coughing. Inconsolable crying, bad breath, belching and burping are nothing but sure signs and symptoms acid reflux in small children.


Many people attempt to stop the vomiting tendency and end up ignoring the real cause behind this. This is not right. It needs to be remembered that acid reflux is quite complicated, and the causes behind the illness can also be many. And so, a holistic approach to medication is always better - because holistic remedy treats the body as a whole and tries to identify all the factors that are causing the illness, rather than just treating the symptoms of the disease. It is also perfectly safe, as it is completely natural and devoid of any known side-effects. Since acid reflux is multi-factorial, the multi-faceted holistic approach is the best way to tackle it. Over the years, holistic remedy is giving better results in treating acid reflux than any form of conventional treatment. Holistic treatment is your best bet for a long-lasting solution to acid reflux.

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