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Acid Reflux and Stress Connection UNCOVERED

Stress is an inevitable part of our lives. However, excessive stress can make you more prone to certain types of physical disorders including acid reflux. Though conventional medicine pays slightly less attention to stress as a cause of acid reflux, alternative medicine, including the holistic approach to treatment admits that stress plays a role in increasing your vulnerability to acid reflux. Therefore, you should take steps to reduce stress to control acid reflux.

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Stress and acid reflux:


Stress is not a bad thing in itself. Stress can actually be good for you. However, when stress crosses the limit, it can take a toll on not just your mental health, but also your physical health. Stress has been known to cause headaches, ulcers, and backaches and in the long run deadly diseases like high blood pressure. Many theories have been put up to explain the relationship between diseases and stress. According to some theories, stress reduces the strength of the immune system and thereby makes us susceptible to diseases.


Some theories also suggest that stress can elevate the intensity of the symptoms of diseases. The same is also the case with acid reflux. Stress can increase the intensity of acid reflux in more ways than one. Firstly, stress can affect the digestion process, thereby making a person having acid reflux vulnerable to many symptoms. Secondly, stress can also make some unfavourable changes in the lifestyle of the person, which in turn can trigger acid reflux. For example, a person suffering from stress finds it difficult to sleep at night. A smoker under stress can smoke more, and an alcoholic person can use alcohol to escape from stress. Similarly, stress can also lead to binge eating, restlessness and a desire to avoid all types of physical activity. These factors, as many know, are associated with acid reflux. Therefore, bedsides medication, you also need to find ways to reduce stress to control acid reflux.


Acid reflux, in turn, can also lead to stress! And the two then form a vicious circle. Night-time reflux can lead to disturbed sleep which can cause sleep-related stress to the person affected.


Reducing stress:


In order to reduce stress to control acid reflux, you will have to go back deeper to the cause of stress. Work related stress is the most common and can be chronic. However, certain other conditions like lifestyle changes and major catastrophes can also lead to acute stress.  Both acute and chronic forms of stress can be controlled by seeking the help of a counsellor or a psychiatrist. Along with expert help, you can also control stress on your own by engaging yourself in your favourite activities, engaging in regular physical exercise and a lot more. Keep stress at bay by doing the following:

         Eating healthy


         Organising your work

         Taking care of your relationships

         Being assertive

         Abhorring laziness, and

         Incorporating discipline in all areas of life


Yoga, music, other forms of art, sports, and occasional hang-outs with friends/families are known to be great stress-busters. But in the end, itís up to you to decide what works best to relieve your stress.


Using the holistic approach:

Many people experiencing acid reflux turn towards the holistic approach with the hope to ward off the disease for good. Holistic approach is extremely effective as it can help you not only to unravel the pattern of your acid reflux, but also to understand the link between acid reflux and stress. It is natural, free from side-effects, and is in harmony with the natural functioning of the body, making it the best option around.


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