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The SURPRISING Link between
Acid Reflux and Alkaline

The connection between acid reflux and alkaline body-environment is widely misunderstood as a concept and still not studied thoroughly. However, insisting on dietary patterns that help to keep a proper acid-alkaline balance in the body can be especially beneficial for acid reflux patients.

Acid reflux is a health condition where the Lower Oesophageal Sphincter tends to become weak, which lets the acid from the stomach to move upwards into the oesophagus, sometimes causing a burning sensation called heartburn. Meat products, dairy products and few other products are not only high in fat-content but are also high in acidic content. Thus, meat and dairy products tend to be very acidic in nature. This may trigger acid reflux.


There are many ways in which acid reflux can be treatd. To rely on alkaline diet is said to be very beneficial for those suffering from acid reflux. However, it is a solution to only a small part of the problem and one must adopt a holistic approach to solve the problem completely.

What is Alkaline Diet?

Any kind of food that is rich in alkalinity possesses a pH level of more than 7.0. In the same way, any food which is acidic possesses a pH level that is always below 7.0. Not only, foods differ in the values of nutrition, but they also differ in the levels in pH. We need to eat both acidic and alkaline foods so as to maintain a healthy balance. However, when too much acidic food is eaten, it could trigger acid reflux. Acid reflux can be dealt with by eating more alkaline foods; however, acid reflux can be completely treatd only through the holistic approach, wherein the root cause of acid reflux is treatd.


What is the need for more Alkaline Food?


As excessive levels of acidity in the human body can be harmful, many people sometimes require something or the other to neutralize these extra acids. However, for those people who suffer from acid reflux, this situation can be even worse. This mainly happens because of the fact that there is too much acid for the stomach to digest.


As acid reflux generally includes acid travelling to the oesophagus from the stomach, people need to keep these levels of acid low. This can be done by consuming non acidic or less acid forming foods.
Are any acid reflux alkaline diets available?


There are many acid reflux alkaline diets available online and they mainly feature well planed meals which include alkaline foods. Usually, alkaline diets you would need you to consume green vegetables, fresh fruits, legumes, nuts and vegetable roots. Drinking distilled water rich in alkaline minerals has also been found to be highly effective, as water enters the blood stream very quickly. You should however visit a nutritionist or dietician in order to discuss the preferences on the special alkaline diet.  


What are the different types of alkaline foods one can consume?


Some of the alkaline foods which can be consumed for acid reflux normally include different vegetables and fruits which are alkaline. Apples, blackberries, bananas, grapes, strawberries, celery, melon, radish, spinach, eggplant, beets and cauliflower are some foods which can be consumed in your special alkaline diet. There are some other foods which contain alkalizing protein such as almonds, fermented tofu, chestnuts and tempeh. Care should be taken so that too much alkalinity is not induced in the body as it may lead to a reverse mechanism known as ‘alkaline reflux’.  

There is no need to stick to a particular acid reflux alkaline diet forever as these only treat the symptoms. Note that while alkaline diet can bring your acid reflux symptoms under control, it is only a small part of the puzzle. The only way to treat acid reflux comprehensively is the holistic approach that fixes ALL the internal causes of acid reflux disease permanently without any potential complications or side-effects.

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