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Acceptable Heartburn Medication
in Pregnancy: Pros and Cons

Heartburn affects many pregnant women during some stage of pregnancy or the other. Though this is considered to be perfectly normal, that does not make it any more comfortable. Also, it is not possible for pregnant women to resort to the usual prescription drugs for heartburn, because of the threat posed by these drugs to the growth of the baby. Also, there are many side-effects associated with prescription drugs that are potentially harmful during pregnancy. However, you can still get rid of heartburn during pregnancy by choosing safe and acceptable heartburn medication during pregnancy.

Dealing with heartburn in pregnancy

There are certain types of medicines, which can be safely used during pregnancy. However, as pregnancy conditions vary from one woman to another, acceptable heartburn medication in pregnancy also differs likewise. Even FDA is reluctant to approve some forms of medication for heartburn because of the risks involved. Some common prescription drugs include the following:

  • Antacids, like Magnesium trisilicates, which cause side effects on prolonged use.
  • Sodium bicarbonate, which causes metabolic alkalosis and fluid-overload during pregnancy.
  • A dangerous prescription drug belonging to the Hetamine type II receptor antagonist, namely the Nizatidine, which may lead to spontaneous abortion, low birth weight and more complications. This drug was tested on animals, and hence, one cannot really understand other serious implications of this drug on humans.
  • Some other forms of acceptable heartburn medication include Pepsid, Tums, Mylanta nexium (esomeprazole), protonix (pantoprazole), etc. Though these are considered to be safe, they cannot treat GERD induced heartburn. Hence, many women may unwittingly take more than their fair share of medication leading to disastrous consequences. Hence, prescription drugs, especially over the counters should be avoided at all costs.
  • Magnesium-containing antacids which are best avoided during the last trimester of pregnancy, as it can hamper the contractions of the uterus during labour.
  • Antacids containing aluminium and/or calcium, which are generally considered safe, but one should definitely check with your physician for any symptoms of osteoporosis (calcification of bones) before taking such medicines.
  • Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs), which are prescribed to pregnant women who undergo chronic heartburn and whose physiological systems are not receptive to antacids. However, safety of the use of PPIs is still a question mark with the limited data available.

Now before you resign yourself to heartburn, remember that heartburn can be treated effectively during pregnancy with the holistic approach. Holistic treatment is very efficient and completely natural. This is also one reason why many conventional medical physicians steer their pregnant patients towards the holistic approach to treat heartburns.

Benefits of holistic treatment

Holistic treatment is safe and efficient.

The holistic approach involves a comprehensive form of treatment that involves lifestyle changes, dietary changes and a lot more, that can together help conquer heart burn in pregnancy without the risks of conventional medical treatment.

Holistic treatment will not just treat the heartburn in pregnancy, but it can also address the core issue that may be causing the heartburn in the first place. Thus, while conventional medication may be addressing merely the symptoms, holistic approach can safely address the cause of the heartburn ensuring its non-occurrence for the rest of your pregnancy term.

Holistic approach can also help you cope with the additional problems that occur because of heartburn. The practitioner can help you deal with heartburn on your own without medication by suggesting a sound diet plan that can keep heartburn at bay.

Thus, there are many reasons why you should opt for holistic approach to help you get rid of heartburn without suffering from any side-effects. Holistic treatment works with the natural working of the body and does not interfere with the inherent physiological balance. Despite this, it is always advisable to consult your physician before undertaking any comprehensive form of treatment to treat heartburn during pregnancy.

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