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PROVEN Remedy for Acid Reflux

Unhealthy diet and a stressful, fast-paced, workaholic existence have led to many lifestyle diseases. One of the most painful among them is acid reflux or heartburn. Many factors contribute to acid reflux. The symptoms and treatment varies from one person to another. What works for one person may actually trigger the symptoms in another. So, the best remedy is to prevent the acid reflux in the first place. If the reflux cannot be avoided completely, simple lifestyle changes can at least minimize the adverse effects.

Acid reflux occurs when the stomach cannot withstand the pressure of its contents which are then forced backward through the lower esophageal sphincter into the esophagus. The corrosive contents of the stomach irritate the sensitive esophageal lining leading to heartburn and other complications. Since eating habits form a major cause of this condition, it is but obvious that healthy eating habits can fix this problem. But other remedies may also aid the acid reflux healing process.

         Drink plenty of water to detoxify the stomach. This is recommended even for healthy people but for people with acid reflux, they must drink enough water to keep the urine a light yellow color.

         Garlic keeps the gut flora at an optimum level and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Fresh garlic works best but it must be chewed or crushed before swallowing to allow the allicin, the active ingredient, to be effective.

         Ginger aids digestion and is effective in reducing acid.

         Herbs like anise, lavender, chamomile, and orange peel extract keep acid level in the stomach under control.

         Massage abdomen with essential oils such as peppermint, anise seed, or chamomile dissolved in carrier oil like olive oil or jojoba oil.

         Chewing on liquorice root is believed to be a natural treatment for heartburn.

         Caraway seeds made into tea or chewed help relieve symptoms of heartburn quite effectively.

         Apple cider vinegar taken as a solution diluted with water or as capsules can also have a healing effect.

         Avoid fatty and fried foods, high sugar foods, caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

         Keeping a diary of foods eaten and the symptoms. It helps in avoiding foods that trigger attacks.

         Sleeping and lying down with the head and shoulders raised above the body lowers the chances of acid creeping back up into the esophagus.

         Eating food at least three hours before lying down or bending over can also be of help as pressure on the stomach is avoided and the acid does not get a chance to reflux.

         Avoid smoking, wearing tight clothes, and eating spicy foods.

         Reduce weight if overweight as the extra weight tends to put pressure on the stomach causing regurgitation. Physical exercise will not only help in weight reduction but also improve emotional well-being.

         Regularize your eating and sleeping habits.

         Although you can get temporary relief from some over-the-counter heartburn medication, you can actually damage your digestive lining if you take too much of those for too long.

All these remedies will help only in reducing the symptoms but not in eliminating the causes of the acid reflux. The holistic approach is essential in the treatment of GERD. It treats the body as a whole, eliminates all the causal factors of acid reflux, and is in perfect alignment with the natural functioning of the body. It is also completely safe as it is not associated with any of the side effects of conventional medicine. As the body becomes healthy it will gradually heal itself and symptoms will disappear.

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